Thursday, June 4, 2015


 Hello Familie!!!

Things are going great here.  We have some great people to work with
and I am excited that the work is picking up.  We don't have Ipads
yet.  If they have made it to the mission we are not aware of it.
They could get here any day now though. We are just waiting.  Blake,
how is your new mission president?  How is it having the Ipads?  Good?
We are excited and everyone talks about "THE IPADS" often.  I'm still
not sure how I feel about them.
We are trying to get back in contact with some of our investigators.
But we had an awesome lesson with our investigator this week.  She is taking
some time to read and see what she feels and we are going to meet her
again. We just answered her questions and it was amazing. We both felt
the spirit so strong and we were really excited about what happened.
She was thinking of not meeting with us anymore but changed her mind
which was amazing.  God really does touch peoples hearts. We haven't
seen the dad of our other investigator lately, but we watch for him.
We are trying to get back in contact with her and get a lesson set up.
She is really hard to get in touch with.  But we are working on it.
Our other things are going well.  We have had some good lessons with
our less actives.  One came to church last week and we were really
excited about it.  We hope he will make it a habit now.  :)
I heard about Elder Perry.  It was a bit of a surprise, but also not
really.  So sad that we even have such a thing as cancer.  But he is
now doing some great missionary work on the other side. :) 
We will be having exchanges again this week and I get to stay in Graz
for this one. Sister Gardner is heading to Vienna for a few days.  It
will be interesting.  I think this will be my last one here in Graz
since I think I am heading out this next transfer, but that is just my
speculations.  I love Graz though.  It is an amazing place and the
people here are amazing.  I miss you all a lot and have been thinking
about you a lot lately.  I am still staying focused however.  :)  Love
you all and want you to know that you are the greatest examples to me.
You are amazing and I can't wait until I can see you all again.  I
love you loads.  Have a wonderful week!!!
Sister Poll

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