Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life in Austria

This week has been really busy and wierd.  I had to say good bye to my family in Graz and I am now in Vienna.  It is really strange and a lot like New York in the sense that there are a lot of people.  But the good news is that I have a great companion who knows where she is.  So we haven't gotten lost and I am working on learning the transportation.  It is a little like New York though and I am getting really good with directions and with trains and things.  So I am already picking up on it a little.  Hopefully it won't take too long.  I met the ward which is a lot smaller here than in Graz.  Graz is the biggest ward in Austria.  We have 5 wards here in Vienna so they are all pretty regular size.  Still not small, but for me it is relative at the moment.  It was really hard to say goodbye and to leave, but I am excited for a change.  Not sure how I feel about Vienna, but it will be a grand adventure.  I will definatly learn a lot and have some great experiences here.  It will be really cool because there are a lot of missionaries here so we will be doing some fun things on p/day together.  I am really excited about it.
We were really busy this week since I needed to say good bye to so many people.  We had appointments all through Thursday for me to say good bye to people.  Then I had to pack.  I have gained a few things and it was really hard this time around.
Vienna is really nice.  Our address is;
Sister Danielle Poll
Hormayrgasse 59/9  
A-1170 Austria

Our apartment is amazing for a change.  I have a dryer!!!  Haven't had that my whole mission.  Not sure I am going to know what to do with it.  Strange. I think I will just stick to my drying rack. Don't want things to shrink on me.  :)
We have some great investigators in Vienna. We have a couple that are on track for baptism, we just need to get him to come to church.  Due to work he is having a hard time and he needs his job to keep his visa.  So we are working on it.  But they are amazing and totally prepared.  And we have plenty of people to talk to here and to teach.  We just need to find the ones who are ready.  This week will be busy for sure.  My companion is really great.  She is from Texas and is 23 years old.  She is a convert and has an awesome testimony of the gospel.  She is awesome. 
We will be staying home for the next few days though. This week will be a little slower but we have some great things planned.
Sister Poll

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