Monday, July 6, 2015

 Keep Smiling!!!

Hey family!!!
This week has been really busy. I learned that I hate staying inside.
I have never been so glad to get out again. I said a prayer this week
and thanked God that none of my companions up until this point have
been ill or anything. And thanked him that we didn't have to stay
inside for too long with Sister Kramer. Now we are back up and going
again and I am excited. I am starting to understand Vienna and I am
enjoying it here. There are so many people from all over the world and
you meet so many new people every day.
This week we had some really awesome experiences. Today we just said
hello to this person on the street, and she stopped us and asked us
why we were so friendly. We said we just like to be happy and say
hello to everyone. She then asked us where we are from, because people
from here don't say hello. (They really don't. No one talks to anyone
here unless you know them already) and we told her about the church
and about what we are doing here. She was intrigued and asked us some
questions. We talked for about 15 minutes about the church and things
with her. She was such a sweet old lady. She told us to keep doing
what we are doing and thanked us for saying hello to her. Made her
day. Unfortunately she didn't want to learn more, but we brightened
the day of one of Gods children, and maybe next time she sees
missionaries she will want to figure out why all Mormons are so happy.
It was really great. Just goes to show how saying hello and giving
someone a smile can make someones day, and also teach them about the
gospel and Gods love for them. Keep smiling. Say hello to people.
Don't get so caught up in your own world that you miss the wonderful
things and people around you.
Something else that was really awesome this week was yesterday we went
tracking with two young members in the ward. We decided to sing when
people opened their door. We were singing there is sunshine in my soul
today. We met this really awesome woman and her daughter and husband.
They let us in and we sang for them. It was really awesome. We gave
her a card that is a "I'm a Mormon" and she was so surprised. She
knows the Mormons from California where she is from. And we ended up
giving her a Book of Mormon and and left her with a card. It was
amazing and all four of us were so excited about it. These two members
( one a returned missionary from my mission and the other never
serving a mission) were so excited. The recently returned missionary
said, "I feel like I am back on the mission again" and the other girl
couldn't stop smiling from the feeling she had. It was awesome. Even
though we got turned down a lot, we found some great people. We had an
amazing time, and now they want to start making it an every Sunday
thing. To come out with us. Which we are more than happy to do. :) it
was an awesome experience and this family was amazing.
This coming week is going to be busy as well. We have an investigator
that we are meeting with who has a baptismal date for the 5th of
August. We hope she will make it. We meet with her twice a week and
she is doing amazing, but in the past she has had a date and not
showed up for her baptism, so we are making sure she is really serious
about it. But she is really sweet. She is from Hungry and we are
really excited for her.
We will also meet with our other investigators from India. They are a
cute married couple who also really want to be baptized. We just need
him to get Sundays off of church, or one Sunday a month so that they
can be baptized. We are just waiting on that. The problem is that if
he loses this job they lose their visa, so we need either him to get
Sundays off or she needs to find a job, which she is looking for.
These two are amazing and so prepared. They are wonderful. Pray that
God blesses them as they are trying to be obedient. They will be
baptized as soon as this happens. We are so excited.
As far as other things this week. We will be going to Munich for a few
days for a meeting there. We are the Sister Training Leaders so we
have to be to this meeting. I am excited about it. It will be really
good. Then we have a great weekend planned. This week is going to fly
by. I don't know where all the time goes.
I love you all and I hope you know how much I love you. Thank you so
much for all your love and support. You have no idea how much it means
to me. Keep being safe and working hard. Remember to also be
missionaries in your lives and show people what happiness the gospel
can bring. Love you!
Sister Poll

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