Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Baptism is off for August...

This week has been pretty
busy for us. Unfortunately our one baptism isn't going to
happen in August. She was in Hungry this past week and came back a few
days later than planned, and now she isn't answering our phone calls
and we have gone by and she wont answer. So since this has happened in
the past before, we made a prayerful decision that she just isn't
ready still and we are not going to take time to go out to her at
this point. She is still welcome in church and other activities, but
the missionaries are going to give her a long break for now. So far we
haven't heard from her in about 2 weeks now. We are really sad about
it, but we feel at peace about it as well. Sometimes you have to do
the hard things. As far as our other two investigators, they are doing
wonderful. We are going to meet this week and teach the last lesson to
one. And then we are just waiting for him to work his job out. He just
needs to make it through August and then he is going to quit. It will
be amazing when they are both standing in white. We can't wait.
This past week we have also found some pretty solid people that we are
excited to start teaching. Hopefully they are as excited as we are. :)
I will keep you posted. The weather has cooled down. And we are
sincerely happy about it. Today it rained and I went out without an
umbrella cuz I was so happy! It is amazing to be cold again. Made my
day. And this week is supposed to be cooler. This has been the hottest
it has been in Austria for a really long time so we have heard. :) I
also did exchanges with Sister Gardner this past week! It was awesome
to be with my old companion again and we had a blast in Vienna. It was
strange for us both to be in Vienna and not Graz, but it was fun. I
have never done exchanges with an old companion before and it was
awesome. We laughed a lot and I managed to lead us around without
getting lost! AMAZING!!
This week we have some great things planned. Some great appointments
and wonderful things to be done. I love Vienna and being a missionary.
There are so many things to do and people to talk to. The Lord is
helping his children through us and I am so grateful for the
opportunity to be here. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic

Sister Poll

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