Tuesday, August 4, 2015

 Back to Germany!!

Hey everyone. Not sure how long this one will be today since we are
having a super crazy p-day. Last week was really busy. We found 4 new
people and had a lot of lessons. We were so excited and we hope this
momentum keeps up. We have met some really cool people and hope they
continue to meet with the sisters. Which brings me to the big
announcement... I am getting transferred. Again!!!! Whoot whoot! And
so is Sister Kramer! She is headed to Freiburg to be a dritt there.
And I am headed somewhere back in Germany. A letter is heading your
way with where. And there are two new sisters coming to Vienna.We got a call direct
from President on Saturday. It scared us a bit. But it is going to be
amazing. The new sisters are going to bring a new fire to Vienna and
just work it hard! We have been super busy since getting things ready
for the new sisters and writing notes about all of our people as well
as how to get places. My last companion is
going to open up a brand new area in Austria! We are getting bigger in
numbers! And I will spill the beans a bit from my letter. I will also
be opening up a brand new area. White washing! It will be crazy!
So this next week is so busy because we have to finish getting
everything ready before Thursday when we both leave. And we have lots
of appointments to say goodbye to people. It is crazy. I can't believe
that I get to open up a new area!!! I am so excited.
But this past week was so awesome. I love Vienna because there is so
much to do and so many people to talk to. We really had a killer week
this week. And we are so excited for the next Sisters. They have so
much more to work with now because of our hard work. It makes us both
feel really great. We are both sad that we are leaving though. I
honestly thought I would be here for one more transfer and then leave.
But apparently President needs me elsewhere. I can't believe that I have
hit the year mark. It really is crazy how fast it has gone by and all
that I have seen and done. I can't even begin to describe it. It has
been truly amazing. And I get to go and do 6 more months. I am so
I was thinking today about what I have learned over the past year of
being a missionary. There are so many things and I am still learning.
But I really looked back and realized how much my Savior loves me and
how blessed I am to be a missionary. It has had its hard moments and
there have been some that were not the greatest, but those are the
times that I have learned the most. And I have learned to love my
Savior and make sure that my priorities are where they should be. I am
so grateful to be a missionary and I am so glad that I still have 6
months left to give. And after the mission I hope I never forget the
feeling of loving Gods children and bringing them back to him. Every
member a missionary. I love my brother Jesus Christ and I love the
change you see in someone when they come to the knowledge of he
gospel. I love this Gospel and the teachings in the church. I know
with all my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ is true. The Book of
Mormon is a true book and brings us closer to God than any other book.
I have read it and have a huge testimony of it. I believe in the gift
of tongues and I know the Holy Ghost is always with us when we are
doing what we should. I love you all and thank God every day to have
you in my life. We all have a purpose and we are all his children. I
know it! Hope you all have an amazing week! Pray for opportunities to
share the gospel and then look for them. Thanks for all your prayers
for the people here. We see the difference. Have a great week! Love

Sister Poll

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