Friday, August 21, 2015

Miracle Week

This week has been really awesome. We are working hard to find somepeople to teach and to get some new investigators. We have a few appointments set up for this week which I am excited about, but I will
mostly be in Tübingen this week. But it will be awesome. We still are trying to get more people to teach
and working hard. We have some great conversations with people on the street, but no one wants to go any further than that. That is he hard part. But we are already seeing some success. We are really excited
for this week. And we are working hard to find some new people. But I love it here. Sister C and I are always laughing and having a lot of fun. We get along really well.  She plays the viola and it is really pretty. We are going to play a musical number in church together in a couple of weeks.

This last week we saw some miracles. We missed our stop, but we met this lady on the train who has known Mormons before. She had an exchange student in her house who was Mormon and they went to church
with her one time. She was really excited and loved the church but isn't too interested to learn more. But she loved talking to us. And we met her all cuz we missed our stop. We also met with this girl on the street that we stopped. She took a Book of Mormon and gave us her number. We are going to meet sometime this week. She seemed really interested to learn more.

We also stopped this attractive man on the street, which we don't do too often. They are too intimidating. :) and he was very interested in learning about what happens after this life and we talked about the plan of salvation. He also took a Book of Mormon and our card. He seemed really interested.So many miracles like that have happened all week. We handed out 5 books and tons of cards. We had to fill up our bags with cards again every day. And people talk with us and are open to listen. We are just working on the, being open to meet with us again. Keep them in your prayers that they will call us or answer us and we can meet again. So many miracles and God is preparing his children. It is amazing to be a missionary and working in this great day. The world is a beautiful place and we can see God's hand in our life every day if we just look
for it.

This week has been full of miracles. I can't wait to see what this next week brings. I am so excited to go back and see some of the members from Tübingen. And I will get to see more of them in a few weeks at Stake conference. God loves us and helps us to feel his love through all the little things every day. I challenge you to take the challenge from Elder Eyering of writing in a journal and looking back daily to see where God's hand was in your life. As you do that, you will no doubt see the blessings that you may have over
looked. Small things brought together can change a day. Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!,

Sister Poll

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