Monday, August 31, 2015

 August 24

Ludwigsburg is a dream.  I love this place.  It isn't the prettiest, but I love the ward here and the people are amazing.  They are usually pretty open and stop to talk to us on the street.  We met some amazing girls this past week and met with them on Tuesday.  I wasn't there but the lesson went really well.  We are going to meet again this week.  Unfortunately they are only studying here and are leaving for Russia this Friday, but they will hopefully look up the missionaries in Russia.  We are going to try and get some information to send missionaries by them.  :)  That is always better.  They are amazing though.  I am so glad that we stopped them on the street.  They are younger and have a lot of interest in talking about God.  They grew up not talking too much about Him in the home.  They have a lot of questions and are really excited to have someone to talk to.  It will be great.  
We also had an amazing experience this week with dooring.  We got let in!!!  That happens so seldom that I can count all the times it has happened on one hand.  But we went by on a less active and she wasn't home.  We decided to do some doors around where she lives since we were there and we have this promise in the Mission where we knock 6 doors around every appointment we have.  So we went to do that and we met this super cute old lady.  She let us in and we talked for the next hour about the Book of Mormon.  And she invited us back next week!!!  She even gave us really tasty Orange Juice.  She was super sweet!!  We are so excited. It was really funny after cuz I got thinking about how growing up you are always taught to not talk to strangers and not take candy/food from them.  Then as a missionary you just throw that all out the window.  You talk to every person and when they invite you in you love to eat and chat and it is the best thing.  We laughed pretty hard.  But Frau T was wonderful.  We are excited to go back and meet her again this next week.  
This week has been fantastic.  I also got to go back to my first area.  I was in Tübingen!!!  It was a dream.  I got to go back and see Frau A who was baptized when I was there with her son.  They are doing so good.    She saw me and was like Sister Poll!!!  And her son just turned 12 so he is going to get the Priesthood soon.  It was so great to walk back down memory lane and see some familiar faces. 
I also got to go visit one of my favorite member families.  They are so wonderful. We ate some great food and we had a great talk.  I got to see their two little girls and her oldest is talking so much now.  She wasn't doing that just yet in German when I was there.  But it was a dream to be back.  I can't wait to go back again one day and visit again.  It was amazing.
This week has been wonderful.  So full of miracles and wonderful things. If you take the time to see God in your life, you can't help but be happy.  I don't think I have ever been happier my whole life.  I love being a missionary.  Life is amazing.  I love you all!!  Have a great week!! Stop to see what God has done for you that day!!!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Poll

August 31

This past week here has been so busy.  I really have no idea where all the time goes.  It just flies by.  We had interviews with President Kohler this last week.  We were in Stuttgart and it was really good to talk with him.  It was really awesome to receive some training from President and to hear him talk about his family.  He is amazing and gives us so much and also the love he has for his family is evident every time he talks about them.  It was really great to hear from him this week and talk with him. 
After Interviews we had an eating appointment with a family and it was wonderful.  I got to eat deer.....  It wasn't that bad actually.  But I never thought I would be eating deer in Germany. haha.  We had spetzla and deer and great cheesecake for dessert.  I was in heaven.  It was wonderful.  I was so excited to eat deer, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.  I realized that I haven't been taking very many pictures lately.  I am trying to change my ways because I want to have as many memories as possible.  But we just get laughing too hard and we forget to pull the camera out until later in the day.  We have way too much fun. haha.  
We also met with some really great people this week. We met this man on the street that we are going to meet with in the next couple of weeks.  He was very interested in talking with us and wanted to know more, but was on the way to meet a friend. We got his contact information and we are going to call him today.  We are really excited. 
We also have this great family that we visit.  They were cleaning their house and getting it ready for people to visit.  So we went to help on Friday.  It was so great.  We got to help the daughter paint her room.  Even though it was only white, she was really excited.  And we were excited as well to be painting.  We had a lot of fun together. .  
This past Sunday was a beautiful baby blessing in the ward.  We played a musical number together for it.  Sister C played the Viola and I played the piano.  We played an arrangement of Come Thou Fount.  It was really pretty. Sister Cook is amazing.  The ward loved it and it was really nice for the baby blessing as well.  We had a lot of visitors who were not members and I think it really helped them feel the spirit.  
We also tried something new this week with Sister C and her Viola.  We like to call it "Viola finding"  We went to a park and she was playing hymns and I was talking to people about them.  We had a few people stop and were able to talk about the church with them.  It was really fun and I think we are going to do it again sometime. 
This week has been amazing. We are seeing so many miracles here.  Even though we don't have too many investigators to work with at the moment, we get to talk with so many people and help them stop to think about God for a minute in their lives.  It is amazing.  I love this work and I love being a missionary.  I can't imagine being anywhere else right now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I love you and think of you often.. Love you!!!
Sister Poll

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