Monday, September 7, 2015

 An Amazing Week

This week has been so amazing. We found this really amazing woman who we are now teaching. We watched the Restoration video together and the whole time she kept asking questions that the video would answer in about 2 minutes if she just waited. But it was so cool because she just said, I have that same question. He was right to ask God. I think he really saw what he said he saw. Why are all the other
preachers telling him to not talk about it. If God came to me I would talk about it. I want to know what is right too. There are so many churches, I want to know the right one." Then we talked about how
reading the Book of Mormon will help and then we taught about prayer. She then prayed right there and after said "I will keep reading and waiting on God for an answer. I know He will give me one if I keep
searching." She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but we are going back to her this week. We are so excited. Something really interesting is the day before when we met her she wanted to give the
Book Of Mormon back because she couldn't understand it. But we asked her to read a specific chapter and we came back the next day. And she had completely changed. And as we read he first chapter together and
explained it, the Spirit was just there. God prepares His children and we want her to make it to baptism. Even though she told us she will never change on our first visit. Haha. People always say that, but who
can't follow the Spirit? ­čśÇ She is wonderful. I will keep you posted on her.
We also had a wonderful time with this great family this week. We are helping them come together as a family and trying to help the husband see that the church will bless their lives. We got to
hear a lot of Italian language while we were there because their mother was there. She speaks no German. It was interesting to hear a language and totally expect to understand and you have no idea. Took
me back to when I was first learning German. Now its weird when I don't understand German. The Lord qualifies his children. I know it without a doubt.
We also met with a cool family we met on the street his week. She had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation and we really had to teach simply because her English was limited. It went well and we are
going back this week.We have also had so many miracles here with finding. The Lord has his
hand in all of our lives. I have never had so much success with dooring and finding my whole mission. But your attitude really makes a difference as well. We just expect to find people and we do every day.
Even if we just lift their spirits and help them have a better day that is a blessing. We have had such good conversations with people on the streets and at their doors. We started using a survey and people
are really responsive to it. I am just on this spiritual high. I love being a missionary. Some days O just never want to come home. The change you see in people as you talk about God is worth all the
rejection, worth all the pain, and all the long days. The joy of seeing someone smile back at you and seeing that you have helped them to have a better day is priceless. I just feel like I have finally
figured out what true happiness is. I never want to loose it. It is amazing. The Gospel is amazing. I finally am figuring things out and I have so much more to learn. Makes me wish I knew these things before.
We are meeting with the man we met last week hopefully next week. He is a bit busy.
But that was my week. Things are wonderful here.
Love you all
Sister Poll

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