Monday, September 21, 2015

 An Amazing Week!!!

This week was literally amazing.  We had some amazing things happen.  I just wanted to run you through them all and let you know how much God loves his children.
So we had a great day on Monday.  We went finding in this building that we found a few weeks ago.  It is full of students.  And we have been wanting to go there, but it has been holiday here so we have been waiting for school to be back in again so that they are home.  We went there for about 2 hours and we found 4 people who were interested in learning more about the gospel.  We set up appointments with two of them for later in the week.  They are all younger men who are really interested.  They come mostly from China so that was fun.  We felt like we went to Asia this week.  haha.  But that was just awesome.  
Tuesday we had a great eating appointment with a family in our ward.  We go over there about every week.  They have such a cute family.  They also have a super cute down syndrome little boy.  We have a blast every time we are there.  This family takes such good care of us.  We love them.  
Wednesday we went out to search for a less active in a town that is about 30 minutes away.  Unfortunately she wasn't home, but we found some other people who we had some good conversations with.  We laughed a lot.  They were mostly old men who were trying to tell us stories from the Bible, which is all good but the way it was happening was just funny.  I love dooring people.  You meet so many wonderful and funny people and it is never the same.  We have actually been let in so many times here.  Actually more than my whole mission.  We have been let in about 5 times in our time here in Ludwigsburg which is more than the rest of my mission put together.  Super awesome.  And the people are really great and we have good conversations with them.  
We then had an amazing lesson with our investigator on Thursday. She is already in 2 Nephi 18 in about 2 weeks.  She is doing amazing.  She is a little stubborn, and says she just wants to meet to learn but not be baptized, but we are wearing her down every time.  She was supposed to come to church yesterday.  We had everything planned out so that we could go early to her house by bus and pick her up.  Then we were going to go together to church.  She was all for it, but she called us on Saturday and said never mind.  Her grand kids were coming into town so that was a little sad. But we will get her there next week.  We really hope she will come to General Conference as well.  We are making a lot of invitations to get people to come watch the broadcast of General Conference at the church.  It is in Stuttgart, but it is really close so it shouldn't be a huge problem.  We are going to give out invitations to people on the street as well.  We really want to get as many people there as possible.  Conference has such a huge impact on people. But Frau B. is doing amazing.  Just reading the book of Mormon. She is a little confused because she is in Isaiah right now. She is reading her Bible along with it and trying to understand.  We just told her to keep reading and it will start making sense again soon.  We told her we sometimes have to learn line upon line with Isaiah and with the Scriptures in General.  It was really great.  
Then we had a great eating appointment with the Elders and a family in our ward.  They are also so wonderful.  We have such a great ward here.  We are so blessed.  And we had transfers this day so there was a new Elder there as well. They had two rabbits and so I got to see some wildlife as well.  Their little girl was so excited to show us her rabbits.  We had such a good time. They live in a place that used to be a base for military so all the streets around them are named after American states.  Like Texas Street and Florida ring and others.  It is pretty funny.  :)
On Friday we had a great lesson with our new member.  She has a cute little girl who is only 5 months but can sit up and stand.  She is from Africa and lives here now. She was Baptized in June before we got here, but we are working on teaching her the lessons again after baptism now.  She is really cool.  She has a great story.  
We then had a great lesson with a couple new people that we have met.  We are meeting with one again this week.  She has a cute little boy.  She is from Romania so it is hard to communicate with her.  She doesn't understand everything but we are going back when her husband is there next week.
Then on Saturday we met with another girl.  She is German and was a Nanny in Colorado.  She was so excited to meet with us and speak English. And we had such a great time together.  And she is interested in coming to church and learning more.  She is AMAZING!!!  We are so glad that we met her the other day.  She does something called walting.... spelling?  It is where you do gymnastics on the back of horses.  Sounds like loads of fun.  She wanted us to come riding with her cuz we told her that we both ride horses and then we had to tell her we can't do that.... But we are meeting her again next week!!!!  It is going to be awesome!!!!!  And she is YSA age. She is wonderful!!
We also met with one of our other potentials yesterday.  He is from China and we had the best first lesson with him ever!!!  He asked all the right questions and is just so prepared.  He took a Book of Mormon and wants to learn more!!!  We were talking to him and said we want to meet with you and teach you and tell you more.  And he said "Ya teach is the right word, I need to learn and I don't really know anything."  So prepared.  He is so excited to meet again and to learn. We took a picture with him and he held up the Book of Mormon so proudly and is just so excited.  He also said the most amazing prayer at the end of the lesson.  He was just so honest and it was beautiful.  The Spirit was so strong.  Just made Sunday the best day ever.
So I think that is everyone.  But really we looked back at this week and realized just how blessed we are to be led to these people who are so prepared to learn about the Gospel.  We have so many amazing opportunities to help people change their lives.  We are so excited to help these people and to make a difference.  You can do the same thing at home as well.  
I was studying this week and realized just how much happiness the gospel brings us.  And we need to be sharing it with everyone so they can be just as happy as we are.  I have never been happier as I see others coming to the knowledge of the gospel.  We are so blessed.  
I love you all!!!  Be a great member missionary back home and help everyone to have a better day after they talk to you!!  I love you all and wish you the best week!!!
Sister Poll

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