Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Great Adventure!!!

Well this week has been an adventure.  But it has defiantly been one of the best adventures I have had.  I am now in Ludwigsburg Germany.  And I love it here.  It is so wonderful.  It is back in the same zone as I started out.  And I will get to go on exchanges back to Tübingen!!!!  My first area!!!  I get to see my friend  and her sons again!!!  I am stoked.  Plus all the other members and people that I know there.  I am soooooo excited.
So I should start from the beginning of this week.  We had to finish getting everything ready for the new Sisters in Vienna and get all packed up and everything.  It was a whirlwind cuz we were also meeting with lots of people to say goodbye and try to set up appointments for the new Sisters.  It was crazy.  But we managed to say goodbye to everyone, gain about 10 pounds from all the food, and get the area book and records all set for them.  We also left tons of notes on how to get places as well as where to shop and etc, etc.  It was some work, but we got it done. And we had so many eating appointments that I thought I was going to die.  But now I am better.
So on Thursday we got up and had to have the Elders help us with our bags since we were both leaving.  We left at about 7:30 and headed out on our train at 8.  We then traveled to Munich. Since we were coming into a new area we came to Stuttgart and met with a Senior couple here who checks our apartments.  They had our keys and phone and everything for us.  Also we have Elders in our area so they were helping us out as well.  They have showed us how to get around a little bit and it has been really great.  It was a crazy Thursday.
Since then we have been trying to find our way around, but It isn't too bad since it is small town.  We are both doing pretty well. And we are just trying to find people to teach.  But people here are a lot nicer than in Vienna.  So I am stoked.  They actually stop when you talk to them.  I was so surprised the first time I didn't know what to say. Sister C is amazing and took over.  She is one transfer older than me which I am super glad to be working with her. We get along really well.  She is wonderful.  She is 20 and goes home in December. 
This area is amazing if I haven't said so already.  I love being here.  I will get to go back to Tübingen for a day and see some people and maybe we will go on p-day as well.  I am so excited.  And the ward here is amazing.  We have already met with Bishop and our ward mission leader.  We have a lot of things to do.  We are so excited.  I absolutely love it here.  
Love you all and thanks for all that you are doing at home to further the work.  As well as your love and prayers.
Sister Poll

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