Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The last two weeks

Hey Family!!!
This past week has been busy. We are working hard and there are so
many people to work with here in Vienna. We meet so many people every
day it is crazy. This past week we met with a lot of members and we
weren't able to meet with one of our investigators because she went
back to Hungry for a week. But we will meet with her this week and get
her all set up for baptism. We hope she makes it this time. As far as
the other investigators we are just waiting for them to get work off
on Sundays. They have been working with their boss and it looks like
September it is going to happen. We are really excited about it.
This week will be really busy as week. We have our Zone Conference
this week and then we are doing exchanges with the Graz sisters. I
will stay in Vienna and Sister Gardner will stay with me. Hopefully I
don't get us too lost. But no guarantees. Vienna is huge and I really
don't know where I am a lot of the time. But we will have fun. This is
the first exchange that I will ever do with one of my old companions.
It is going to be great.
We also found a great person this week. We are really excited to start
teaching her. We met her in the park the other day and we are meeting
with her on Wednesday. This week is going to go by so quickly. And
then next week will as well. The time just goes so fast I cant believe
Today we had an awesome P-day. A member from one of the wards here
rented out an old Strassenbahn and we went on a tour around Vienna. It
was really fun and we saw a lot of things. Then we went to lunch
afterwards and it was so great. We went to this nice tennis club and
the food was amazing. All the missionaries in Vienna came so there
were about 12 of us all together.
Keep doing great at home. I love
you all!!

July 13th

This last week our ward was very full,
we were full because we had a baby blessing in the ward. And
since there are 5 wards in Vienna, a lot of them came to ours to
support. So we had a lot of people that I didn't know and also a few
that I did. I got to see my MTC teacher. She now lives in Vienna and
is getting married and staying here. She isn't in my ward, but I get
to see her which is awesome. It was a surprise to see her. Also this
next weekend or so Sister Wunderli is going to come from Hungry to
visit Vienna so I will get to see her again. So crazy. I thought for
sure it would be a long time before I saw her again.
We had a great meeting this last week with MLC in Munich. I love going
to Munich and seeing President and Sister Kohler and everyone. It was
awesome. I am so glad that we had that opportunity. This week will be
really busy. We are meeting with our one investigator this week and going to start
planning out all her baptism things. That will be really interesting.
We hope that she makes it with no problems. It is set for the 5th of
August. We are really excited for her. She is from Hungry and I am
learning a few words of Hungarian. :) But she speaks wonderful German
so we have no problem there. We are just going back through all the
lessons with her. She knows everything. She has been investigating for
about 8 years now I think. But we want to make sure there are no
problems. But we will meet with her this week. It should be really
Also this week we have a baptism of one of the 8 year olds in the
ward. That will be really fun. We hope that a lot of people will come
to that.
Not sure when or if I will be able to write next week. We have a
member in one of the wards here who is taking all the missionaries on
a tour of Vienna and out for lunch. I have no idea when we will be
done with that and stuff. We are really excited. I just had to mention
that before I forgot.
We will also have some other appointments with investigators this
week. We have a new man who we found who we are meeting with on
Thursday. That should be really cool. He met with the sisters once and
then no more and we weren't sure why. We called him up and he set an
appointment with him. We are really excited. We also have a meeting
with another and her husband this week. They are going to get baptized
in September. He will be able to get work off and come to church. He
took a big leap of faith this week and told his boss that he might
quit if he cant have Sundays. So his boss took him seriously and said
he would work with him. So we are shooting for September for baptism.
It will be awesome.
Things are going well here. There are a lot of things to do in Vienna.
We are never bored here which is really nice. So many people from all
over the world and so many wonderful children of God here. As we had
this baby blessing this past week I couldn't help but think of where
we come from and how we are all sent here to our specific families to
be loved and cared for. I am so glad that God has a plan for us and
that he knows us. He gave us our families so that we can learn and
grow and be loved. I am so grateful. I love you all and miss you
loads. But I know I am supposed to be here. I am trying to work hard
and to give my very best here. We are helping Gods children come back
to Him. It is an amazing work. Keep being safe and also hastening the
work there in the ward. I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Poll

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