Saturday, June 13, 2015

 Things I have learned

So this week has been really great.  Things are really busy and I am
super glad about that.  Sounds like you are also super busy at home.
 It is amazing how well I am coming to know the scriptures.  Don't get me
wrong, I still have a lot to learn and I need to study them so much
more to understand what others already do.  But I have gained a huge
testimony on daily scriptures study.  I was reading a talk in the
Liahona this morning that really touched me.  It was a talk by Elder
Perry and he said that we should always try to receive spiritual things
before the temporal things.  And I just had this thought pop into my
head.  "This is why you are on a mission"  I am so glad that God told
me I needed to be here.  I have learned what my priorities are
supposed to be.  I know before I left I knew that I needed to start
putting God first.  And going on the mission was for me the first step
to doing that.  I was putting aside my plan and showing God my faith.
And as I was reading that talk today, I realized that the mission has
helped me grow in ways that I wouldn't have otherwise.  Or maybe I
would have but it would have taken a lot longer to do so.  I am so
glad that I am here and was able to have that moment this morning of
an answer of why I am here.  I need to keep God first in my thoughts
and then everything else will fall into place.  When we put our
scripture study first, before school or anything else, we show God our
faith and He helps us.  I knew these things before, but today
something just really "clicked" in my head.  I know that the mission
is helping me learn how to study my scriptures and I am being blessed
by the spirit to understand what I am reading.  I always used to have
such a hard time and I used that as an excuse to not read or only to
read a little.  Now I understand how important reading is to
understanding.  The Book of Mormon really is a true book. It has
changed my life and it applies exactly to me.  I love it and want to
make sure that I am always making the time to read it and show God
where my priorities are.  As well as with prayer and attending church.
I can't remember the talk, but I will send it to you next week.
Exchanges this week were amazing.  I was with my favorite Australian
again and we had a blast.  We did a lot of work as well.  I really am
learning how to use my time wisely.  Things are happening here in
Graz.  We are meeting with one investigaor this week and we are really
excited to see her.  Please pray that things go well.  She wanted some
time to read and so we didn't see her last week.  But we are excited
to see her.  We also have another investigator that we meet with on
Sundays.  He is doing well and coming along.  We are excited about
This week is going to be a busy one.  We have some good appointments
set up with our investigators as well as some great members.  We are
moving the work forward here in Graz.  We will hopefully have quite a
few more people to teach here in the next little bit.  This last week
we had a finding day and we found 22 people who said that we could
contact them again.  So we are talking with them and working at
getting them to the next step.  We are really busy.
Mom, thanks for that thought.  It really is true.  We are working to
bring people to God. There is no effort wasted and no failure when we
try our hardest.  I know that for a fact.  "Not everything that can be
counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  I
read that this week again and wrote it in my planner.  These are
people we are working with.  And even though we take numbers here in
the mission and also in life to show our progress, we do a lot of
things that no one knows about.  No effort is wasted when we are in
the service of the Lord.  That applies to missionaries as well as you
at home.  The work is going forward.  Things are happening.  I love
you all.  I am so grateful to have your support and it makes all the
difference to me.  Thanks for all you do.  We have a very busy week
planned with meeting with people and you all should stay busy as well.
I love you.  I know this is the true Gospel and I love to share it
with others.  Have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Poll

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