Tuesday, June 16, 2015

 Just working hard!!!

This week has been super busy.  We had a really awesome lesson with a
less active that we teach.  She met us at the church and we just had
an open and honest discussion about her coming back and what is
keeping her from it.  And it was really awesome because we ended by
going into the chapel and singing a song and she just was weeping.
The spirit was so strong and we are working on setting a plan to help
her get back to church to feel the "peace and cleanness from her
baptism every day"  It will be so awesome.  We are really excited. She
really is hitting a turning point.  She is at a hard spot in life
right now and wants the peace that she knows the gospel can bring.  We
are going to meet with her again this week.
Something else really cool that happened is that we met with a new
investigator this week.  We are going to start teaching her regularly
now and it should be really good.  She is gone to Bosnia for a week
and then when she comes back it will be really good.  I don't know if
I will still be here or not but I hope I get to see her one more time.
We helped a member move on Saturday and it went really quite quickly.
But I woke up on Sunday a bit sore.  I shouldn't complain though
because we were just loading the car and taking things apart, the
elders had to unload and carry it up a bunch of stairs to the second
floor... So we had it pretty easy.  But it has been so hot here
lately.  I drank a ton and sweat just about as much.  It was crazy.
But nothing brings such a good feeling as serving others.  It was
awesome. I love doing service.  I challenge you all to find someone to
serve this week.  It really brings a feeling to your heart that you
can't get any other way.
This coming week will be even more busy.  We have transfer calls on
Saturday... I think I might be leaving but now that I say that I will
probably stay.  I will let you know next Monday.  :)  Also on Tuesday
we are headed to Salzburg to have training and receive our Ipads.  We
won't be using Facebook just yet, but using them in teaching and
studying to start.  It will be interesting for sure.  Then we have a
lot of other appointments set for this week. We are working hard to
get people progressing and teaching but also remembering to find as
well. We don't really have a whole lot of people, but we are always
looking.  Thanks for you prayers.  They make a huge difference.  We
also get to go and pick Cherries this Friday with a member.  Reminds
me of being back to work in the garden before the mission.  Can't
wait. :)
So glad that things are going well there.  We are working hard here
and God knows it.  We are really trying to overcome the frustrations
of having no one to teach, but knowing that we are working hard.
Sometimes you look back at the day and know that you did a whole lot,
but you still have no investigators.  But we are working hard and
trying to find the people that God has prepared.  Because we know they
are out there.  We wouldn't be here if they weren't.  But we really
don't have it that bad.  We are working hard and trying to make God
proud and that is what is most important.  Thanks for your support.                                                              I love you all so much.  Don't worry about a thing cuz God takes
good care of us.  Work hard, be good missionaries and more importantly
good people.  Your example speaks far more than what you say.  Love
Sister Poll

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