Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2

This week has been really busy.  We have had some great lessons with less actives and with some great investigators.  Our investigator is doing great.  Still cruzing through the BOM.  And we have an appointment this week with her that we are looking forward to.  And we are hoping to set up some other appointments with other investigators this week.  The sickness here is finally starting to go away and people are letting us back in. And it is starting to get warm out and now there are more people out walking around that we can talk to.  We are really excited for summer and when we can go to parks and have conversations with people.  It will be so nice!!!  It is interesting to see people come out again.  Sometimes we wonder if people actually live here.  :) 
We also got to do a great service project this week.  I was in heaven.  It was like being home again.  We went to this farm about an hour away, and trimmed trees for a less active member.  She has horses and chickens and lots of land.  And it was so great to just go and do some physical labor and work with your hands.  I haven't done that in awhile and I realize how much I miss it. And I got to pet the horses and it just smelled like home.  It was fantastic.  And we also got fresh eggs to bring home.  Then something else that was cool this week was we got fresh milk to bring home.  I about died.  It still tastes not the same, but it is way better than the milk from the box here.  We were out in the country and we stopped at this milk automat place.  Where you put money into a machine and it gives you milk that is fresh every day from the dairy.  It was interesting and really cool. And the taste was great.  Loved it.  These two things were the highlight of my week.  Basically the taste and the smell of home.  Got to love it.  :)  Now you know what I miss most from home.  Smell of manure and milk.  :)  Super funny what you miss in life when it is no longer there.  :)  And that means when I get home I need to do some physical labor, but not too much.  :)  I'm sure you will put me to work however.  :)
This week should be pretty busy. We have not too much going on right now, but our days always fill up with people we need to go by on or with appointments.  We are really grateful for our wonderful ward, but most of the members are gone this week.  They have a temple week, (since it is farther away) where the whole ward goes and just does temple work for a week long.  And then they come back and go back to normal.  It is really cool.  Cuz a lot of the countries around do that as well.  Most of the wards have certain weeks and the temple workers have weeks of different languages.  So that is cool.
We found out something cool this past week.  In April we have Elder Bednar coming to speak to our mission.  We are stoked!!!  And I can't wait to hear from him.  That will be an awesome experience.  But it is a little far away.  But I will keep you posted.  We are getting excited for General conference coming up.  Always a great time.  And I can't believe it is here again.  Seems like it was just a month ago that it was last general conference.  
I love you all and pray for you always.  Just remember that God is always with us.  Even when we don't think he is or we feel all alone, he is right by our side with his hand outstretched.  Keep doing what you know is right and take hold of his hand. He loves us and only wants us to succeed.  Love you all!!!!
Sister Poll

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