Monday, March 23, 2015

It's a Miracle!!! 

Wow, you all sound so busy!!  I know what you mean with the time.  Sometimes it is so crazy how fast the time flies, but I have occasional days where I wonder if the clock is broken.  :)  But really the time goes so fast.  It is crazy.  We have another transfer in 2 weeks and it feels like we just started the last one.  So that is crazy.  We are pretty sure sister B is leaving, but you never know.  She could stay here, but she would like to leave and go someplace new.  And I understand that.  She has been here for 4 transfers now and this is her first area.  So I will keep you posted.  I won't know next week, but the Monday after conference I will know.  :)
Speaking of Conference I am stoked.  That is also something that is crazy.  It seems like just a month ago they were speaking to us and now it is happening again.  The time flies!!  I can't wait to hear what they have to say to me and to everyone.  I am trying to prepare myself to really hear the messages that they have to give.  Something exciting also is that we have a baptism on that same day. It is from the Elders here in Graz and it will be between sessions.  So really we are going to have a spiritual high that day.  It will be awesome.  He is getting baptized on the 5th.  It will be fantastic.  Conference would have been gift enough, but the baptism is a bonus!!!  We are really excited for him.  And the T, the elder couple serving here will get to see it before they leave as well.  Actually speaking of that.  They go home in 2 weeks, on April 10th I think.   They have done a lot here in Graz for this ward and for us as missionaries.  They are really fantastic. 
Our investigator we decided that we just need to let her go for a little bit.  Just to let her make her choices and she said she was feeling a little pressured to be baptized, so we are just going to let her have her space for a little bit.  And we are still in contact with her over email and also with text when she comes back in a couple weeks.  it really is a sad situation, but we can't really do anything at this point.   
Tell everyone there that I said hello.  
We got to go back to Furstenfeld this week and do service on that farm.  It was fantastic.  I just miss the farm life a lot sometimes.  Can't wait to come back.  Then we were in Vienna for the weekend for Stake Conference.  It was amazing.  I can't believe the difference between his stake conference and my last one.  I was struggling to understand last time, and this time I understood almost all of what was said.  And I was able to take notes which is a miracle. Usually I have to focus so much on translation that I can't really focus on what is being said.  It was amazing.  And President and Sister Kohler got to come.  I loved it.  The gift of tongues is real.  I have no doubt.  I wouldn't be able to do German without the help of God. 
Those were the two biggest things from this past week.  This week should be pretty quiet.  We have an exchange on Tuesday.  So I get to go to Vienna for a few days.  That will be fun and interesting.  I get to be with a sister who is only been out for about 4 weeks now.  So she is brand new and her German is coming.  So pray that we can communicate with the people.  I am really excited to be in Vienna for a few days.  Not sure I ever want to serve there, but I am excited to visit again.  It is a really huge city and tons of people.  So we should be able to find some people to talk to.  :)  We are doing some great work here.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission.  It is hard work and exhausting sometimes.  And people aren't always the nicest, but the ones who take time to listen, really gain something without price.  This gospel is true.  Everyone in the world needs it.  God loves us, and he wants us to return to Him.  He has made it possible for us.  If the celestial kingdom was un achievable, what would be the point.  God has made it easy for us, we just have to follow Him.  I know the church is true.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God.  it is the keystone to our religion and we need it to help others come unto Christ.  In order to help others, we must first help ourselves.  Read and pray and God will help you always.  Love you all!!!  Pray for you always.  Keep up the great work at home.  I will be back with you before you know it.  :)
Liebe Grüße,
Sister Poll

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