Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Training a Golden!!!

Man...  What a great week!!!  Got to love conference!!!  It is really just a spiritual high!!!  It also kicks you in the pants and tells you what you need to do better!!  I loved it.  I need to watch some of them again. And I haven't seen the last one yet.  I couldn't believe also that President Monson only talked once.  That is not good enough!!!  Just kidding.  Is he having health problems or something?  Is he ok?  I really hope so!  He is amazing.  But the other talks were wonderful as well.  :) Conference is amazing. I really don't know what I would do without it.  :)  Sounds like you enjoyed it as well.  Can't wait to watch it with you again.  Only one more conference and then I will be home.  Crazy huh? And I did see Sandy.  I was so excited to see her and maybe I was dreaming, but I saw Bailee also in the conference where the young single adults were singing.  Was I dreaming?
The baptism was wonderful this weekend.  Everything went great.  We are really doing amazing work here and changing lives.  How can you not have fun doing that?
Our referral is still in the works.  We have called, but he doesn't really speak German or English, so it is proving difficult to go through a translator.  Lucky for us he has one.  So I will keep you posted on that.  I was super excited to hear about the new temples.  Now I have even more reason to go back to Thailand.  I can visit the temple there!! I was super excited about that one.  And the others of course are great as well.   I really miss it.  And we have one so close to us we should be going often.  I have really learned that here.  The people would give anything to have a temple right in their city, and we have so many within a 30 minute drive.  Its amazing and we should take advantage of it.  :)  Transfers were great.  I am staying here in Graz.  This will be the longest that I have ever been in one area.  Sister B is leaving me though.  She is headed to Stuttgart.... And I will be getting a new companion.  I don't know much about her so I will let you know later. Hopefully we get along as well as me and sister bishop do.  I really lucked out with her.  She is amazing.  I have been really lucky with all my companions. We all get along so well and after the mission will be so much fun.  And I am so grateful for modern technology so I can stay in contact with my other two who live around the world.  I keep telling them to move to Utah.  We will see. :)  But who knows what will happen.   This next week will be crazy because sister B will have to say goodbye to a lot of people and we will have transfers.  So that will take about a whole day away from this week with travel and everything.  And then we will be really busy up until transfers saying goodbye.  It will be good and busy.  
The Easter video has been great.  We are really blessed and we have it in German and lots of cards to give away.  We are working hard on getting the word out.  And something cool that we found out was that the video will change every so often and the cards with the hashtag for people to search will still be good. So that is awesome.  We try to give away as many cards and things as possible.  Things are going great here. The work is moving forward.  I love this gospel and all the people who are a part of it.  We truly are blessed.  I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for what he has done for me.  Love you all and thank you for your support.  

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