Sunday, March 22, 2015

This week has been a busy one.  We had a lot of lessons with less active members this week.  We are working with them and trying to get a better relationship with the ward members.  We are doing great.  But we are also spending a lot of time finding new people to teach.  We got someone that the elders found this week that is a woman so they gave her to us to teach. And that meeting went really well.  (See below) We are hoping that we can find some more people like her this week to teach as well.  Midori is now back in Japan for about 3 weeks.  She went to help her parents because her mom is sick.  But we are hoping when she comes back that we can be in contact again and at least see how she is ever now and then.  We are hoping that she sees a difference in her life while she is gone, but she may not.  It is hard because we want her to be happy, but because she is happy she thinks she doesn't need the church.  Sometimes you just want someone to go through a rough time so they can see how great life really is with the gospel. But everything happens in God's time.  She will come back one day.  :)
We actually had one of our less active in Church on Sunday that hasn't been for about 18 years.  It was awesome.  She is at one of those low parts in her life right now.  It is helping her to see that she needs the church.  Strange how that works.  But she will be ok. It was awesome to see her there. And one of our other less active who has been coming really regular since I got here is preparing to get her patriarchal blessing soon and then the next step is the temple.  We are stoked!!!  She is awesome!!! 
We also had a zone conference this week.  So that was great.  I always get so much from the other missionaries and their testimonies of the gospel.  Coming together and realizing that we are not alone.  It is a great blessing to have all of them around us.  I have no many new friends from the mission and I can't believe what a blessing that is. 
This coming week will be great.  We have some great appointments set and we are going to go back to the less active on the farm for service.  So of course I am looking forward to that.  It will be amazing.  And we have Stake conference this weekend in Vienna.  That will be super exciting.  We get to sleep over with the sisters in Vienna which never happens but it makes more sense to stay there overnight.  We would get back late on Saturday and have to leave really early on Sunday for the sessions and it is also cheaper to stay there.  We are so excited.  We usually only get to see them once or twice a transfer, because there are so few sisters in the mission we are all so spread out.  And then of course we are excited for stake conference.  But last stake conference I learned about nothing since I couldn't understand the German.  But I could feel the spirit.  But I am hoping this time my German is a little better.  :) 
Thanks for the ensign.  It hasn't come yet, but I am sure it will soon.  That is way better than you trying to use the Post.  I tried to send Jaque an email and he either didn't get it or doesn't want to talk to me. You can tell him he can email me as well.  :) 
Dad, I thought over your lesson and how you are teaching.  And I don't think I can share anything better than Elder Eyring or better than you.  I learned all I know from you. But I had a great experience the other day that I think kind of goes with this topic.  Feel free to share or not.  :)  We were headed into a first meeting with an investigator that the elders had found on the street. We knew she was a Jehovah Witness, but wanted to talk with us.  We got there and she was really nice and pretty open.  We were surprised.  She pulled out her bible and started asking questions with of course the scriptures behind to back her up.  But she wasn't wanting to argue, just to ask out of curiosity.  Which is great.  She was really open and something interesting happened. As missionaries we always have the spirit with us.  But sometimes we forget because we are surrounded by it all the time.  And they always talk about how the words will be given to you what you need to say.  I can truly testify that it is true.  She was asking us questions about certain scriptures in the Bible that I can't remember right now.  And I remember thinking when she opened it up that we were in trouble, cuz my bible knowledge is about nothing.  But I felt the spirit working through me and my companion and we were able to answer almost all of her questions.  And I know where the answers came from.  I felt like for those 30 minutes, the spirit was using me to talk to her.  Because I really know that was not me.  The knowledge that I had to answer her questions and help her to see where we were coming from was not something I could do on my own. And I know without a doubt that the spirit spoke to her.  She didn't fully understand him, and she isn't yet convinced of the truth, but I challenged her to baptism.  And it was really funny because in my head I thought I shouldn't do it just yet even though they say to challenge them in the first lesson. But I was scared and thought no, and then next thing I know I am asking her if she will be baptized.  She didn't say yes, but she also didn't say no.  It was really interesting to feel the spirit working through me.  And I know that when we do things out of love for others and want them to come closer to God, he gives us his help.  He qualifies us.  He makes us strong enough to bear the burden we have and to touch the hearts of those whom we are teaching.  I know now more than ever that the Holy Ghost is real.  He knows all of us and he uses us to answer others prayers.  He can and will speak to and through us when we allow him space in our lives and our hearts.  And maybe the witness is not for those with whom we are speaking, but for those whom he is speaking through.  This was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had regarding the spirit.  And I know now that I am stronger because of it.  Whether she is baptized or not, that experience strengthened me.  And I know that it was a part of revelation from God to help me see that I can rely on him and trust in his promises.  He really gives us the strength and the words that we need.  Revelation is available to all of us if we but study and want to become better.  We do our part and God takes up the slack.  He loves us more than we can imagine and he wants to give us the opportunities to see Him in our life as well as help others see him through us.  I read a quote this week that said "Don't shine so that others can see you, but shine so that other can see Him through you."  Be that light to those around you and you will see that your light also grows.  It is amazing.
I love you all and think of you always.  Keep up the work at home and know that I am thinking and praying for you. You are all amazing examples to me and I don't know what I would do with out you.  The work of the Lord is moving forward.  Love you!!
Sister Poll

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