Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Staying in Graz!!!

That is an awesome story about Carina Smith.  You never know the lives that you will touch even if you don't know the person.  We had someone tell us a story kind of like that.  She saw missionaries and watched them for a long time, before she ever started investigating the church.  But the reason she met with them is because of the example of the missionaries that she saw.  She knew they were good people and she wanted to know more about the church.  You never know who is watching and what a difference you can make to people.  Even if you are just emailing them from Mormon.org.  I am so grateful for the experiences that I am having and all that I am learning.  It makes me realize what I need to do better when I go home and what I need to fix and make sure what I always keep in mind.  Mom, I love what you said about the city of Enoch.  We have to trust in God to do what he says he will.  He always provides a way for us to accomplish what he asks us to do.  I am really learning that.  Especially since my German is not very good, and talking with people on the street is scary.  But I am learning to rely on the Lord, and he helps make up the difference.  It really is a easy concept, but hard to practice.  I don't know why though, cuz God can't lie and he always wants whats best for us.  We just need to let him in.  And that is the hardest part sometimes.  Realizing it is ok to ask for help and that we can't do things on our own.
This week was really good.  Last Monday we went with one of our members hiking and then he took us to eat after.  He is an 88 year old man who is so fit, it is amazing.  I can't believe it.  He really almost beat us up the mountain.  But the hike wasn't too hard either.  :) 
We also had another meeting with our investigator.  She is doing great.  Reading the BOM and is now in Mosiah 4.  She is cruising.  I am super excited for her.  We are working on getting other appointments set up for this week, but we are doing really well.  We have a lot of people to work with and they are doing ok.  We need to figure out exactly what their concerns are, cuz some of them are plateauing.  We also had exchanges this week, so I got to lead someone around Graz all by myself.  Needless to say, I am very grateful for Sister B and that she knows Graz so well.  I need to step it up.  But good news is we are staying together for another transfer so I don't have to learn too fast.  :)  We did a lot of finding this week and found a few more people who may be interested in learning more.  That is always an exciting thing. 
This week should be really good and also really busy.  We have some great appointments set up and we are working on finding more people to teach.  We have some great potentials to go by though.  And the Elders have really been helping us out with that as well. We are super grateful.  Other than that nothing too exciting.  Sorry to be so boring this week.  Thanks for sending so many pictures!!!  Any more are always appreciated.  :)  And thank you for the package.  I was so happy to get 3 pens inside.  I think that was my favorite part.  But the candy was also a great surprise.  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.  Remember how much I love you and pray for you always.  God loves us so much more and wants that we succeed in life.  He sent us here to learn and grow and we should never be sad because we know that we are children of God.  And how can we be sad when we know that?  Love you all and think of you always. 
Liebe Grüße!!!
Sister Poll

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