Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We've Been Out 6 Months!!

Hi Everyone
We have been having the same problem the past couple weeks of appointments falling out due to sickness and I will be so happy when everyone is healthy again.  We have been able to avoid it for the most part and keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't hit us. And HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!!  I hit that as well, but we didn't do anything too exciting.  I didn't burn anything, cuz in Germany (I assume it is the same in Austria) that is illegal and we can get in big trouble.  Apparently.  I don't know the exact rules with that, partly cuz I can't understand them....  But we ate a really good dinner.  And what is cool is that if my comp and me stay together, then she will hit her 6 month mark next transfer.  But it is super exciting.  I totally understand the fast and slow times.  Get used to it.  But it is crazy to think that in 2 transfers I will be halfway through the mission.  INSANE!!!  Part of me is looking forward to it, but part of me is hoping that the time slows down a little.  I have so much more to learn and not enough time to do it. 
Sorry I forgot to mention that this week P-Day is on Tuesday.  I really thought I said something, but obviously not.  We had interviews with President yesterday. So I was in Vienna with the other missionaries for the day.  That was really cool.  We went to a district lunch before district meeting since president does emails during district meeting.  And we had cordon bleu schnitzel.  It was amazing.  My companion and I split it and all the elders ate a full one.  It was huge.  But oh so good.  One day I am going to learn how to make them so you can all try.  Or we can come back to Vienna and try them here.  That will most likely be way better. 
Interviews with President were really good.  He is amazing and travels all around so that he can take time to talk with us.  It was really good to talk with him and let him know that I could stay here for a little while and be ok.  :)  But really I would go anywhere here.  It is cool to experience different places, even though they are all kind of the same when you are doing missionary work. 
Last week was really good.  We had a lot of first lessons with people and some of them were really good.  Others not so much.  But it is hard, cuz we have to give our male investigators to the elders since we have had a few problems with them getting too attached to sisters, and now we are trying to find females to teach.  It is kind of hard.  Even the elders said "Women are brutal to talk to!  They just don't want to listen, and aren't nice about it"  So ja.  That is life here.  But really it isn't that bad.  We taught a lot of people last week.
Our investigator is doing great.  Dad, she is from the great place of Japan.  She speaks really good German though.  And I found out this week that she also speaks some English.  And it is really good.  But she told us that she wants to read the whole BOM before she is baptized, so we are trying to push her, but not push her into a baptismal date.  But she will get there soon. And she is reading the BOM super fast.  She told us, " I just can't stop"  She really knows what it is all about.  We are super excited for her.  
 We are meeting with another investigator this week from China, so that will be super cool.  She has met with Sister B a few times, but she has been busy with finals right now.  Everyone is.  So that has kept her from meeting with us.  But this week!!  And we are meeting with a referral this week and we are stoked.  She has a friend who is a member and wants her family to be as strong as her friend. And we are so prepared to teach her how to do that. 
I am finally getting to know the members better.  We have been doing really good about meeting with a couple members a week.  I am really glad to start building this relationship with them. 
Other than that nothing too exciting.  This week we have our referral and also a couple other appointments that we are excited about.  But next week is mission tour.  So that will be cool.  I can tell you more about that next week.  But it is next Thursday.  We will be in Munich.  We get to sleep over in Salzburg so that will be fun. 
Love you all and think of you always.  Thanks for all the support and love that you send.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have this experience.  It is definitely life changing.  I can't describe it.  Try this week to share the gospel with someone.  Even if they say no, you will feel good cuz you tried.  Trust me.  I know exactly how hard it is, but you can do it in English. :)  Sharing the gospel is one of the greatest feelings you can have, and some of the best work you can do for the Lord.  Love you all!!!!
Sister Poll

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