Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 26

Hallo Familie!!!

This week has been really busy.  We have been getting to know the ward and visiting people so that I can know them.  And also so that we can practice lessons with the members cuz our German is not the greatest.  We both are trying to get better, but we need help.  Lucky for us the ward is awesome about it.  They correct us and some of the members want us to correct them on their English, so we help one another.  We also had a really cool day this week that we both told you about on the voice recording.  So be sure to listen to those.  .  
We had a great lesson with one of our investigators this week and she is awesome.  She is so ready for baptism and sees the church making a difference in her life, but she feels that she hasn't gotten an answer about baptism yet.  So we are just working on that.  She is super cool.  We love having her and we hope that she will be baptized by the end of the transfer.  
Then we had our miracle day, then we had church.  I am so glad that we have 3 hours of church again.  It is so great.  And actually it flies by now.  I never would have thought that I would say that.  But I love having 3 hours of church.  I am so grateful.  Then we went and had dinner with a member family.  It was so great.  They have 3 little kids and I have missed that.  And also the food was amazing.  I got to hear Italian as well cuz the dad served in Italy and so he speaks Italian to the kids sometimes.  They can all understand Italian, but they don't speak it.  They can also understand English a little bit.  It is crazy how many bilingual and multilingual kids there are here. It amazes me.  
Then I am having a little bit of a rough day today.  We were at the library for emails, where we only did half so that we could come to the church to send pictures.  The computers at the library don't work with cameras.  And I put on someone else s coat and was totally freaked out cuz it looked just like mine and I wondered why I had these things in my pockets.  So that was funny.  Then I couldn't find the letter from Brother P that he sent me to send a return one.  He sent me a huge package and I was so nice of him.  Tons of chocolate inside.  So I need to send something back.  Then I also scuffed up my boot really bad, I am hoping that I can get it fixed, cuz it looks really bad and It may cause an issue if it rains.  And then now my pictures don't work today.  So that sums up the little bad things that are happening already today and it is only 1:00.  But it is OK.  Because that just means that something great is going to happen and Satan is trying to get me down.  But it doesn't work like that.  :)  Actually it hasn't been that bad.  I actually laughed really hard when I put on that other persons jacket, and luckily no one saw me.  And the other stuff really isn't bad, just frustrating.  
But all is well here.  I love being in Graz.  I really hope that I get to stay for awhile.  I am loving my companion and all that is happening here.  We have a great ward.  I am so glad that you all sound safe and sound.   
Love you all and think and pray for you always. 
Sister Poll

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