Friday, November 14, 2014

Wow what a busy week it has been. We had some great lessons and we are super excited.  The baptism is next Sunday (the 16th) right after church. And then the next week we will confirm them.  They are awesome.  We thought this week that we ran into a small snag, cuz she is still married.  So we thought we would have to get permission from the husband to baptize the son and all these things.  But it turns out that it will be fine without.  Since he has no contact with them and hasn't seen the kids or helped with anything in a long time.  But they are both doing really well and so excited to be baptized.
Our other investigator is doing ok, we need to really work with her, but we found out that she is only 24 and so that kind of explains the way she has been acting. She hasn't quite figured out that she needs to rely on herself and not just others.  Lucky for her her husband takes good care of her. But she really is amazing and we hope that this week we can set a baptismal date for December.  So keep her in your prayers.  
Those are really the only people we are working with right now.  Our others investigators have no time or dropped us.  They won't answer their phone or don't want any more contact.  So we have been working with a lot of the less actives in the ward this week.  There are so many of them.  We are working really hard with Bishop to bring them back.  It is really sad and one of them we see every week.  She promises us every week that she will come, and then she is never there.  It is really sad, cuz her kids are learning from her that church isn't as important as it really is.  But we keep praying that she will come.  This week when we visited, we were really blunt with her.  I just said, "you know church is important. You have a strong testimony.  Why don't you come?"  Turns out she has some issues with people in the ward, so that was some helpful information.  Hopefully we can fix that and get her to realize that people aren't perfect and she needs to come to church for herself and to come closer to God, not to worry about people.  So we will see. It is really sad how many less actives we have here.  We are trying really hard to get them to come back.  It is just as important and new baptisms.
We also visited this super cute older lady who is less active cuz she can't really walk so well and can't get to church.  She has a super strong testimony though and she loves when we visit.  She was talking to me and she is kind of deaf so she shouts a lot.  And so not only did I get yelled at, but I didn't understand half of it.  After she just smiled at me and said " It will come one day." and then laughed.  She totally caught me that I didn't understand.  but its great.  She is awesome. 
We also went to Münchin this week to have Missionary Leadership Conference, since we are sister training leaders.  It was awesome.  There has been a strike on the trains and so we had to take the ehepaar's car (the older couple missionaries car) with the zone leaders.  They are in a threesome and so there were 5 of us in the car.  Which wouldn't be that bad, but the cars here are miniature size.  No room.  And we were like that for almost 4 hours there and 4 hours back.  And the elders drive crazy!!  They haven't driven for so long, plus one is used to driving on the left side of the road, so that was something else as well. He would sometimes drift and we would remind him he was in Germany, not England.  But the conference was really good.  It is so awesome to be taught by the mission president and to see sister Kohler as well.  They are amazing.  I always learn so much from them.  Turns out that we have to now teach our zone what we learned from President, so that will be fun.  That is on Tuesday.  Then we also have our interviews with him this coming week.  I am really excited.  Things are going really well. 
Church this week was awesome.  The only surprise was the counselor came up to me and started talking in English (unusual, cuz they usually talk German even if I don't understand everything) and said he needed a favor.  I asked what and he said he needed a speaker for next week....  I asked if he needed me to find someone for next week and that made him smile.  So next week I have to give a 5 minute talk in German, so prayers would be appreciated...  I am a little nervous already.  

I think that's all for this week.  Things are going well here.  It sounds like things are going well there also.  I miss you all a lot and I appreciate all the updates.  Things are going good with my companion as well.  I think of you always and you are always in my prayers.  Love you!
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