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All things are wonderful here.  It has been an amazing week and really busy.  The baptism went amazing.  It was wonderful and so spiritual.  The members were so supportive and loving which was awesome.  Usually here they do baptisms on Saturday and confirm the next day in Sacrament.  It is a preach my gospel thing.  I think they do it with all converts.  But we really wanted more members there and since everyone lives so far away we decided to do it after church so more people would be there.  That means we had to wait a week for the confirmation, which is sad, but oh well.  But the baptism was really great.  For some reason this computer is not working and I can't get my pictures to show up... So next week I guess.  Sorry.  But really both had such a strong feeling of the spirit and they loved it.  After they both hugged one another and had the biggest smiles on their faces.  This is what the gospel is all about.  Bringing this happiness to everyone.  And they just kept saying how happy they were.  So awesome!! 
That was really the biggest thing this week.  My talk in church went OK I think.  Everyone told me it was good.  I don't know if they just said that to make me feel better or if they really understood it, but it was fine.  And then I played the piano for a musical number at the baptism.  That was interesting.  I only had like 1 hour to practice this song and it actually went OK, up until the last 2 pages where I butchered it.  I ended early and luckily they realized and it actually sounded ok, but needless to say my piano skills need some work.  It is at the top of my to do list for when I get home.  I am really regretting that I let so much of it go.  I am sad that I can't play as good as I used to, but I have repented and I will get back up to speed asap.  
Things here are starting to get a little colder.  I need a jacket now when I go outside, but the other day I actually went with just a 3/4 shirt.  My companion thought I was crazy, as did every German I saw on the street, but I didn't really care.  But every one here wears coats every day even when the sun is shining and it is warm.  They all have coats and scarves and everything.  It is kind of funny.  But I heard that we probably won't get any snow here for Christmas which is sad...  But who knows.  Maybe.  We have transfers again in 2 weeks, so we will see what happens.  I think something is going to change.  We had interviews with President this past week and he mentioned that there may be a change coming.  I will keep your posted.  
I am jealous that you are going to a rodeo.  That would be so much fun!!!  I would totally go if I had the chance.  I really miss all the farms and animals and everything that I was surrounded by on a daily basis.  When we went to that farm last week I just felt like home.  (They were Holsteins by the way.  Some black and brown ones.  but I didn't ask due to my lack of farm German vocabulary...)  The milker is really cool actually.  I washes the teats and everything.  It uses a cool laser system that shows exactly where the teats are and then it puts the milkers on. 
Yesterday was an awesome day. We had the baptisms, which were amazing and then we went out to visit one other investigator.  We got a baptismal date set with her, and we really hope she will keep her appointments so that we can make that date.  It would be awesome.  Even though this week has been stressful preparing for baptism, it was so worth it.  Then we missed our train by literally 10 seconds even though we ran.  So we went by on a potential cuz the trains only come every 30 or hour here.  And we caught her at home.  It was really cool cuz we gave her a book of Mormon a few weeks ago and talked a little about it.  We have been trying to go back, but she is really busy and doesn't have a regular schedule so we can't make an appointment.  But we caught her at home and it turns out that she has been reading the BOM every night and is in Second Nephi 31 already.  We talked for awhile and she has a ton of faith.  She will for sure be baptized one day.  But she was struggling to believe in Joseph Smith and prophets, cuz he is just a normal man.  She believes in God, but the whole prophet idea now and that Joseph Smith was important is not something she really wants to understand yet, but she said the BOM is one of the best books she has ever read and she feels so good when she reads it.  We are really excited for her.  Hopefully things work out.  I think as she comes to read more and learn more that she will find for her self the truth of Joseph Smith and prophets.  We are praying anyway.  :)
So that was really cool yesterday.  We are really being blessed here.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.  Things are amazing, not always easy, but really great.  I love and miss you all and really hope that all is well there.  I love you and will try to send more pictures next week.  I am super sad that its not working, but what can you do?  Today we are going to a waterfall (hopefully) and doing a little short hike.  I am really excited to get out a little.  Love you tons, and think of you always.
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