Sunday, November 9, 2014


Transfers came through and I am staying here with my companion.  We are both really excited since we have 2 hopefully 3 baptisms this transfer. This next transfer will be 6 weeks long I believe, but if not I will let you know.  I'm glad that you got all the barn stuff taken care of so when it rains now it won't be an ice sheet there.  I really miss working on the farm, and I know this may backfire on me, but I can't wait to get back to it when I get home. :)
Things are going great here.  We have our baptism all set.  They have it set for the 16th of November and they are super excited for it.  P just says that she is already a member so we keep praying that she accepts all the commandments ok.  She took tithing really well even though she has such a small income and everything.  Now we just have to get over the last hurtle of the word of wisdom, cuz we think she drinks coffee.  So pray this week that she will stop and be accepting to it.  Other than that we are super excited for her and her son.  They truly are a miracle to us and we are super grateful that the Lord sent them to the church.  And I am super glad that we get to teach in English, although it is a different kind of English.  I really have to talk slowly and simply, which is really hard for me.  And she told us the other day that she is getting better at understanding me, so even when you talk in the same language, there is still a language barrier.  But it is better and we really love her.  I think her exact words were " I love sister poll, but at the beginning I had no idea what she said.  Now I understand everything and if I don't I ask" So that was funny, and humbling.  This week she cooked some Nigerian food for us.  I told her before that I couldn't eat very spicy food, cuz she asked.  And when we were eating she said that she made it mild for me so that it wouldn't be too bad.  I think I could have breathed FIRE after the first bite.  And my companion who likes spicy food and eats it well said the same.  It was the hardest things I have had to do so far was to keep putting bites in my mouth.  Luckily it tasted really good, but I drank a whole 2 bottles of water and needed some yogurt after as well.  my companion took the fall and helped me eat some cuz we were sharing a plate and eating with our hands like in Africa.  It was really cool but honestly I felt that food burn my whole digestive system.  It was the worst thing.  And then she told us that it wasn't even spicy. I just looked and her and told her straight up that she was crazy since I was crying from the heat.  She just laughed at me. It was interesting, and defiantly something I will not forget. No more Nigerian food for me. 
Also our other investigator is doing well.  She has committed to baptism, but we are not sure if she will be ready by the same date.  We need to work hard with her and get her less dependent on everyone bringing her to church and things.  But she is also amazing and one day she will be baptized.  We hope really soon. 
This week has been pretty focused on these three people. We also have another investigator who is 21 and a student here and she is cool.  We meet with her as well and she is from Africa but speaks really good German.  So that is nice that it forces me to practice since the rest of our lessons are in English.  We think she has some real potential. And then she also decided to cook for us this week. And guess what is was.  Nigerian food.  With peppers in it.  Man it was also spicy, but not as bad as the first one.  I will be so good at eating spicy food by the time this is over if this keeps up.    
This week we need to find more people to teach.  We are super focused on the ones we have which is awesome, but we need to be working on that as well, so that is our goal.  We are really glad that we get to stay together even though sometimes we have some communications issues.  We are also glad that we are staying here in Tübingen.  We love it and the people are awesome.    I know this is where we are supposed to be and that I am here for a reason.  I am learning so much and growing and I am so grateful for your support and love from home.  I miss you all and think of you always.
Sister Poll

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