Monday, September 29, 2014

Missed posting last week so here are two for this week. Read the other one first.

This has been a good week.
So with conference we get to see it, but the woman's conference is delayed until next week. It is really weird too cuz the times are different. So we don't get to see the Sunday afternoon session. We are also watching the Saturday morning session on Saturday night which is really weird. I never thought about what a blessing it is to live where the Gospel is so strong. And also where we have the luxury of watching conference live or to be able to go to it. It is so close to us. Someone said to me in the MTC, you are so lucky to have the restored gospel in your mother language and to live where it is so strong. I had never thought of that. I am so grateful for all of my blessings and to have grown up where I did. I can't wait for conference. I also can't wait to get the magazine in the mail so that I can read all of the talks that we won't get to hear. I think I am going to order one for myself so that I can have my own copy. All the missionaries get one in thier apartment, but I think I want my own. But I am so excited. I don't think I have ever looked forward to conference more than now.
This week has been really good. It has also been interesting. We went to a non member family to do service on Thursday and it was really interesting. I am still trying to get used to the culture here in Germany. We walked in and the first thing we see is a little girl running around naked. So funny actually. So we were ironing clothes and cleaning the house and the kids were just kind of watching us do it. It was a little strange. I couldn't really talk to them either cuz my German is not very good, but they speak Swabish German which is harder to understand. My companion even had a really hard time with it. But I am really good at reading body language now. Its funny how I can get the gist of the conversation just by watching people and how they talk. Every one here is expressive too which really helps me out. It is really awkward sometimes though cuz the German people are so open. We were talking and all the sudden the mother just started breast feeding her daughter without even pausing in what she was saying. I'm sure my face was funny to see. Haha. We also have an investigator from Ghana who has a little boy who is 2, and all the time he does the same thing. I am learning to laugh at a lot of things. haha.
Our meeting with the Jehovah witness didn't go. We had been trying to get a hold of her and she wouldn't answer. So one day we saw her on the bus and we went to say hi and she totally "gave us the look" We said hi and the first thing she said was "I have no time" And then she ignored us the rest of the time, even though we were just trying to talk to her. Needless to say we aren't going by there for awhile. It was weird cuz she was pretty nice the first time we went over and told us to call and come back, but then when we saw her, her attitude was something else. Got to love people's agency. That is something I am learning really fast. All I can do is invite people and do my best. Every one can choose. Agency is an amazing gift, but it is also so frustrating sometimes. I just want to take people by the shoulder and say "stop being dumb and listen to me. This is what you need to hear!!! And stop worrying about dumb things!" But of course I would never really say that. (All of you stop laughing at me right now!)
This week should be really good. We have some appointments set up and we also have an exhibition on Wednesday. So we are going to set up a booth in a busy part of town and just do some finding and try to get people to come and talk with us. It should be interesting. But on that day we are also doing an austausch. Which means that we are switching companions for the day with some other sisters. I am really excited for that. Not cuz I don't like my companion, but just to see if there are some other things we can try that are working for them. And I get to go to Stuttgart for the day. Sleepover party!!!
Then on Saturday we are doing some service in the garden of one of our investigators. We were there yesterday and she was showing us her garden. I complimented one of the flowers and she said "want one?" I said yes and she cut me a whole bunch of them, pretty much until she had none left. By the time I could form a sentence in German to tell her to stop she was already done. So now we have a pretty bouquet of flowers in our apartment. She is super nice. I really hope she will read and pray about the book of Mormon. I think those are all the exciting things planned for this week.   
Love you all and miss you tons. Thank you for all your support and also for all your love. I can't thank you enough. It helps more than you know.
Sister Poll

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