Monday, September 29, 2014

This week has been a little hard, but overall really great. We haven't met with that investigator again (we are meeing with her tomorrow) so we will see. I have printed off my four generation chart to show her.  I am excited to meet with her and see what she is thinking now that she has started the BOM. I really hope that she will understand the gospel.
We also got another referral this week that we are going to go by so hopefully that one works out as well.    
 We had stake conference this week and I saw this cute girl who reminded me of Megan and Katie this week and I just wanted to go and give her the biggest hug, but I didn't know her so I just settled for a handshake and the cutest smile. She sat on our same bench and she was so cute during all the songs. She loved them and even though she couldn't sing she had the biggest smile on her face.   
Everything is going well. I really am starting to love the people of Tübingen and I am trying to be patient with the language. My companion told me this week that I am the most impatient person she has ever met. So I am trying really hard to be better and to just enjoy the time I am here. We had kind of a slow week with appointments and things and nothing too exciting happened that way. Most of our appointments have been in English this week which is nice cuz I can help with the lessons, but on the other hand I feel like my German isn't improving as much. One of our investigators this week told us that he is never going to change his mind and join our church, but my companion just kept telling him he would. I don't know if it was the best approach but we will see if he will meet with us again. We kind of talked for 2 hours and we didn't really get anywhere with him. I think if he will let us we will keep meeting with him just to talk, but he won't really be a progressing investigator, cuz he just dosn't want to listen to what we have to say. I told my companion that we need to not sit and argue for 2 hours and when we meet him just be short and share a nice thought and if he allows a lesson great. But she is more of a forward person and wants to teach him about things that he says he doesn't want to hear, so we will see. I think part of the language barrier is hard. he speaks English and although she speaks great english, sometimes she still doesn't understand. But I am really lucky to have her. Because we had this long lesson is why we had the miracle this week. So I guess it was great the way it turned out anyway.
The coolest thing that happened this week was before I came a woman saw the missionaries and said that she was looking for a church to come to. For some reason they didn't get her number so they were hoping that she would come to church. She didn't come and we were really sad. But the coolest thing was we met her again this week and got her number. She seems really interested and we are meeting her this afternoon to do a church tour and give a BOM. I am really excited.
I am also really excited for all the other appointments we have this week. I am really trying to use our time more wisely, but it is hard cuz we have to travel so much to appointments and that leaves us with little time. But I am getting more used to it. I just need to get out of my head that numbers don't matter. I keep trying to compare myself to others and when we don't meet all of our goals I need to realize that it is ok. We are trying our best and that is what is important.   
I miss you all and look forward to Mondays so much when I get to hear from you. This really is an amazing work and I am so glad to be a part of it. Love you and pray for you always. You are always in my thoughts.
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