Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kind of a little different week that we had here in the MTC. Last week on Thursday all the Elders and Sisters went out into the streets of England to preach. Because I am from America and we don't have the correct paperwork to proselyte here in England, we had to stay in the MTC, but that meant that we got to have an extra day in the temple which was AMAZING!! Instead of a session we decided to go and do some initiatory as well as some sealings. The temple here is really pretty. It was nice to do something different for once. Then it was back to the grindstone after that. The language is coming. It is crazy to think that I have only been here for 4 weeks (2 more weeks to go WAHOO!!) and I am giving lessons in German. It is insane how quickly we are all learning, yet at the same time so frustrating that we can't say everything that we want to. Sometimes I understand the questions they ask and I realize that I have a really good answer, then I realize that I have absolutely no idea how to say it. But it is crazy how my brain just automatically figures out ways to change the sentence to words that I already know. It is a miracle really. I know that the Lord is blessing all of us with the Gift of Tongues. My teacher told me this week that I have really improved and that I seem to understand all the concepts taught in class really well. Which was a super nice thing to hear, since I feel like my German is still horrendous. But as I look back I can see how much I have improved. I have started writing in my journal as well in Deutsch and I can usually write about 50% of it. Its a mix between English and German, but you have to start somewhere right?
Sundays are definitely my favorite days here. We have at least 3 devotionals and then this week we had a testimony meeting. I have never felt the spirit so strong as when all the missionaries stood and bore their testimonies. We all try to do so in our mission language, so we had German and Greek. Although I can't understand the Greek, the spirit is the same. It really was the highlight of the MTC I think.
I am so excited that the Ogden temple is reopening. I so wish that I could have seen it before I left, but I am happy that we get to go to the temple here so often. It really is the best. 
I found out I won't be serving in Switzerland due to visa issues, and if I do it will be expensive since I would have to pay for things that the European missionaries don't. But I am super excited to serve in Austria and Germany especially after one of the teacher here showed us pictures from his mission this week. It is so pretty. I can't wait to get out there. 
I miss all of you tons!! Sometimes it can get really boring here sitting in the same class all day. But I know that our hard work is paying off. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I can't wait to get out into the field and teach the people in whatever broken German that I know. Everything is going well with me so don't worry, but I appreciate all of your love and support!! I can feel it all the way across the world and I know exactly where it is coming from. I love you tons and think of you always.
Sister Poll.

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