Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Family
The language is getting better. I know that I must be getting help from someone above though cuz I could not be doing this on my own. I am finally getting confident about answering our investigators questions and even though my grammar is horrific my teacher says I am getting loads better, so that's something.  All the teachers here speak so fast, and then they all tell me that compared to the Germans, they speak slow. I already know that it is going to be a HUGE shock when I leave the MTC. But at the same time I am so ready to get out of here.... All of us are. It is officially Hump day of the MTC!!! Halfway through!! YES!!! I am so excited! Its funny how the days go by so quickly, yet so slow at the same time.....
So nothing too exciting is happening here. We have the same schedule every day. We teach 2 different investigators daily as well as language study. It is getting a little old, but what can you do. We actually got to get out of the MTC last week for P-day and we went on a little tour of Preston. It was soooo nice to get out and about. Who knew that being in the same classroom from 7-9:30 every day could be stifling. :) But it was nice to go and see some church sights and I am so glad we did it even though it meant we had no free time for p-day.
Love you all!! Miss you tons!!
Sister Poll

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