Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 I Love it here!!

Monday we went and had an amazing lesson with a part member family here.  The wife is not a member but we went and taught the Restoration.  It was so good.  She really doesn't believe that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus but we challenged her to really pray and ask.  We just feel like she isn't really ready to make a change right now.  She is a little scared to take the step.  But the spirit that was with us in that lesson was amazing.  I felt it so strong and it really was just so wonderful.
Tuesday we had district meeting in Stuttgart.  A lot of people in my district are sick and I was just very grateful that I am not sick.  :)  Hopefully I don't catch what they all have.  We came home after and met with a less active.  She has a daughter who is 10 who really wants to be baptized.  She is basically ready to be baptized and comes to church every week with her Grandma.  We just need to help her decide who she wants to baptize her and when.  Which you think would be an easy task, but no.  She wants someone from her family to do it but the two she wants are 1. too old.  He just had surgery and is in the hospital. and 2. lives in America and isn't coming to visit again soon.  Unfortunately he was just here visiting but Laura was on vacation.  So we are trying to help her see that she can be baptized by someone else in the ward.  But we have only met her the one time since we have been here due to her being on vacation and then getting an appointment with them is a little difficult.  But we are going to get it.  She is really sweet. And her mom is fine with her being baptized and actually has a really strong testimony, just has some issues that she needs to work through.  And coming to church with all her kids isn't something she is totally motivated to do right now....  Unfortunately.  We are working on it though.  They are such a cute family.  
Wednesday was wonderful.  We had a bit of an open day which hasn't happened to us in a little while.  So we called some members up and asked if we could stop by for about 15 minutes and share something while we were in the area.  It was so great.  We went to one family and she had hurried and stuck muffins in the oven for us for when we got there.  I love her.  And we had a great talk about conference with her.  It was so nice and then we headed to another member who is in the same place.  And she was making lunch for her kids but when we called didn't say anything about that.  She just said that we could come by no problem.  Well as you might have guessed, we invited ourselves to lunch.  Not on purpose.... But it was really sweet of this member to do that for us.  We ate with her cute kids and then shared something with them.  It was nice doing this a little  spontaneously because we were able to get to know them and have a short but wonderful time with them.  We loved it.  
And then we had our wonder lesson.  We met with S.  We took a member with us who is preparing to go on a mission. It was so good.  We talked about the book of Mormon and why it is important and what exactly it means for us.  He had read already to 1 Nephi 8.  He is amazing.  And... Drumm rollllllll.  We set a baptismal date with him!!!  It will be November 21.  The only thing that we think may hold him back is that he wants to read the whole book of Mormon first.  Which is NOT BAD at all!!!  We just know that he is so ready and hope that he can finish it.  He wants to be baptized in November as well.  It was such a good lesson.  He also told us after that his girlfriend is interested and is coming to visit.  He asked if she could come along to our lesson.  Of course we said YES!!!  haha.  And our member loved being there as well. It was so good. 
Then on Thursday we had two lessons before we headed to Munich.  We met with Frau B.  She is the older lady who we have been meeting often.  We also brought a member with us.  And the spirit was so strong in this lesson.  We were just talking about how we can receive answers.  She still isn't sure about certain things but the spirit was so strong.  And after our lesson our member came out and said that she also felt the spirit so strong and was so glad that we invited her to come.  It was so rewarding and amazing.  I love helping people feel the spirit.  Our other lesson was with someone we met while dooring.  He was interested but has a doctors appointment soon and doesn't want to meet again before then so that he can "not think too much"  So we will call back in a week after his appointment. 
Munich was amazing.  We had Missionary Leadership Council.  MLC.  I love going there.  The ride was long, but we made it and we were just filled with the spirit.  And now this week we have to teach zone training to everyone.  Hope it goes well.  I also got to see Sister G which was just wonderful. I love seeing people you know and don't get to see often as well as old companions.  It is just awesome.  And seeing the Kohlers was also a blessing.  I love my mission President. 
Saturday we had another amazing lesson with S. We had a different member with us and we talked about repentance and faith and baptism and holy ghost.  We were trying to describe repentance and talked about how we should do it every day.  And he just said "why, I don't do anything bad.  I don't think I have ever repented"  When you don't realize what repentance is it makes perfect sense.  But he is such a good guy and tries so hard to do everything right.  So it was amazing.  Asking him to repent was just easy cuz he is already doing everything right. haha.  And we invited him to attend church every Sunday.  Yesterday he couldn't come but he said that now that he knows he will be there.  
We also found another Chinese investigator. :)  We knocked on her door after a really cool experience.  So from the beginning.  
J was the first door.  She was there with her boyfriend and when we were talking to them them they had no interest.  We asked them if they knew someone and they told us try door number 20.  We asked if we could just leave them a card and she said no, but he said sure.  So then we went on our way.  Right after we had knocked on door 20 (who didn't answer, we waited) J comes back up to us and said "I just realized you were Mormons and now who I thought.  I have always wanted to talk with Mormons.  Do you have time that I could ask you some questions?"  I literally said " Sorry I don't think I understood that.  What?"  Cuz about 1 minute before she was totally NOT interested.  But then we ended up having a 30  minute talk with her in her kitchen.  We gave her a Book Of Mormon and she said she will be to church soon to see it.  She didn't really want to keep meeting but took our number.  It was amazing. People really change, sometimes sooner than others.
And on Sunday we went back to door 20 and it was our new Chinese Investigator.  She basically told us at the door that she wants to be baptized.  It was so great.  Miracles happen.  
I think that was all for this week.  Next week we will be busy as well.  We have exchanges and I will be in Tübingen again.  I am so excited.  I get to see Pa one more time!!!  It will be a blast.  I hope you all know how much I love you and appreciate all that you do for me.  You are amazing and I wouldn't be who and where I am without you.  
I really love you all!!!
Sister Poll

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