Saturday, October 10, 2015

Conference was Amazing!!

Well can I just say that Conference was amazing and just leave it at that.  Conference brings such a special spirit and so many miracles.  I loved conference.  And I learned so much.  I can't even pick a favorite talk.  There were so many good ones.  I was able to watch the women's conference this Saturday and it was sooooo good!!  I love Elder Uchtdorf.  The story he told was just so touching.  I love learning through stories and experiences.  I have seen it touch people here as well as we teach.  When you share things from your own life it touches them so much more than when you just preach to them.  And I loved Elder Uchtdorf's second talk in the Saturday morning session as well.  President Monson's talk just touched my heart as well.  But I was really worried about him as he seemed really frail and almost couldn't finish his talk.   But his talk was wonderful.  I just love him.  I was also able to sit by one of our new members during conference and she was just in awe to be seeing the President of the church.  It was so wonderful to watch her as she watched him so intently.  After he finished she just said, "I know he is the President"  How often do we take him for granted because we only hear from him every 6 months.  He is amazing and I know that I was more grateful for him as I watched her excitement.  President Monson is just amazing.  I know that he is a true Prophet of God.  You could just see it as you listened to him.  I was also able to watch President Nelson.  I loved that talk.  It was so wonderful.  I want to try to be more like the women he was describing.  Exercise my full potential that God can see in me. I haven't been able to see the last session of Conference yet.  But I will see it little by little hopefully this week.  :)  We had someone come to the Saturday afternoon session so we were watching it in German.  It was really wonderful to listen, even though I didn't understand all of it.  But it was really good.  I will be watching that over again this week as well.

This past week was wonderful.  We had Zone Conference on Tuesday.  So we were in Munich for that.  It was the Stuttgart Zone and also the Munich Zone.  So we got to see so many other missionaries and so many other sisters.  I was so excited.  I got to see Sister C from the MTC as well as Sister B!!!  We just talked for forever!!  She is in Passau now and so it was cool to talk with her about the members.  She is doing really good.  It was so nice to see her!!!  And the conference of course was wonderful.  :)  We talked about member missionary work and how we can better be a part of the members doing missionary work.  How we can inspire others and help them find the joy in sharing the gospel.  It was such a good conference to hear from President as well as Sister Kohler.  

On Wednesday we were on Exchanges with the Stuttgart sisters so I was with Sister E.  She is so wonderful.  I learned a lot from her.  We had a great time in Ludwigsburg together.  We met with our investigator and took a joint teach with us and it was just amazing.  They both connected so well.  It was with our older investigator from Russia and our joint teach was also a little older and they were so good together.  It was nice that she didn't call us "Kinder" for once (children)  We talked about the Plan of Salvation very simply and it was just wonderful.  She said that she likes the idea, but can't imagine seeing her family after this life.  It is just hard for her to comprehend.  But it was amazing.  She is awesome.  And she has slowed down reading the Book of Mormon now and is understanding it better now.  Thank goodness.  She restarted Mosiah and is having an easier time now.  We are so glad. 

We also met with a family on Wednesday and she invited us back over on Friday to meet one of the moms from her school who is here form Kosovo.  She is here with her 3 girls and has basically nothing.  She is trying to find work and help her kids have a better life.  But she knows our member and she thought it would be good if we could come over and teach her German every week and help her with the Gospel as well when she is ready for it.  It was really awesome to go there.  This member is such a powerful missionary.  She shares the gospel with everyone.  She is going to invite us back over in a couple of weeks to meet with another person she has met recently.  We just love her and her family.  We also met this man on the street and we invited him to Conference.  We had been inviting everyone we met on the street to come.  This guy was amazing!!!  He told us he would come to a session.  He promised. He took our number and the invitation with all the directions (Conference was in Stuttgart) and promised to call. And he did!!!  He said he would come to the last session of Conference on Saturday (So Saturday Morning session) we were so excited!!!

We also met with our new member who was in Conference on Sunday.  We helped her to prepare a little bit and talked about how it is important to hear from the Prophet.  She was so excited to come.  We were so glad that she made it and another member brought her so she could see it.  It was also in English which is so nice for her.  She speaks no German so she was so excited that she understood everything compared to normal Sundays.  ( We usually translate on Sundays but it just isn't the same.)

We also met with one of our other investigators. he is wonderful and has such a great interest for the church.  He is just really busy with work and trying to get a job.  So he has to study a lot right now to learn the products of the company for his interview in a few weeks.  We don't know if we will hear from him in the next week.  Hopefully.  :)

On Saturday we met with someone new and he is totally GOLDEN!!!!  He has been studying the bible for the past 4 years trying to come closer to God.  He was so excited to get a Book of Mormon and learn.  He speaks good German but his mother tongue is Chinese.  But we found out that 2 weeks ago when we knocked on his door was just about 2 days after he had moved here.  He is new and we caught him right after he moved in.  And he was so excited to meet with us.  He is so prepared to receive the gospel.  We are so excited to help him.  Unfortunately he was sick with a fever and things on Sunday so he couldn't come to conference.  But he said he would watch it online.  

When we showed up for conference the man from the street on Wednesday was there!!!  Early cuz we were there for the women's conference!!!  He was 2 hours early!!!  But he knew that and was just going to wait.  He was so excited to be there as well.  Unfortunately something came up and he had to leave early, but he saw some of conference and we have his number to call.  :)  

On Sunday we also met with someone new and brought them to conference. He was interested and took a Book of Mormon as well as downloaded the app onto his phone.  He was amazing!!!  We are so excited to keep meeting with him but we weren't able to set up an appointment with him.  But he has interest and we will totally see him again.  He just had to leave a little early to skype with someone from China.  :)  Everyone is from China.  (Almost)  But conference was sooooo good!!!  It just touched my heart.
We are so blessed to have a modern day Prophet and apostles that speak to us.  
This next week is going to be crazy.  We are going back to Munich for a meeting because we are the STL's here in Stuttgart zone.  We are really excited to have this meeting with President.  It will be so good.  We also have a lot of appointments set up with our investigators as well as new people that we are meeting.  We are hoping to set some baptismal dates this week!!!  Pray for these people!!!  We are working so hard.  I love you all and thank you so much for your support!!!  Read back through the conference talks and your notes and really start to apply them in your life.  Love you!!!!
Sister Poll

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