Monday, October 26, 2015

October 19

Well all, This week has been fun and flew by way tooo fast.  Like always.  :)
We had a great zone training on Tuesday where we had to help teach and everything.  We were a bit nervous, but we think it went well.  Hopefully it helped someone in some way.  
We then went on exchanges with the Tübingen sisters.  I was blessed to again go back to Tübingen (my home town!!!)  And to see some amazing people again.  I was also able to call some people on the phone and hear how they are doing.  It is crazy to think of how much things have changed since I have been there.  For example people move.  Funny story of the week. We went to visit someone that I was also teaching when I was there.  And as we were walking there I just went into autopilot and took the way that we always went.  Because we were there a lot.  So I was with Sister Price and she asked me if this was a better way to go.  And I said ya we always went this way.  (This should have been a sign to stop and think for a minute but we didn't) And so I started leading where we were going.  And I knew exactly where I was.  Well, long story short we walked where I always used to go only to find a gate in our way.  Things change in the course of a  year and we figured out that we were on a construction site.  Seeing this and realizing that we made a mistake we turned around and tried to go back the way we came.  Then we met this man who was bolting up the gate that we walked through.  Naturally I was a little worried and told him that we were confused and walked the wrong way and asked if we could get back out.  He looked at me an in all seriousness said "no, the police will be here in 10 minutes" and then he walked further down the fence and secured it some more......  Then he turned around and took a picture of us with his phone and walked off.....  So we were a little worried and proceeded to say a prayer.  About 10 minutes later he came back up to us.  We were expecting him to tell us that the police were there but he told us to go around the corner and the gate was open.  And we did just that and walked away no problem.  Turns out you should not listen to old missionaries who think they know where you are going.  And you should check every single fence before you walk through to see if there is a sign that says authorized personnel only.....  But we made it out no problem.  Prayer works my friends.  It really works.  God loves us and we laughed really hard AFTER the fact.  Pay attention and don't be dumb is the lesson I learned.  So that was my funny story of the week.
As far as people that we met with this week it was a little scarce.  People got really busy with work and had to work some over time or they had tests last week.  So we are meeting with them all this week.  No big deal.  We are excited to see them again.  :)
We met with someone from Bolivia who is a member but has never been here.  We met her on the bus and she told us that she is a member and we went to see her and she really is.  She has a strong testimony but her husband isn't a member.  And she doesn't know anyone here and so she hasn't ever been to church here.  She hasn't really been to church since she was 18 and moved away.  She still loves to listen to church music and enjoys the church, just isn't strong enough to do something on her own.  So we are working with her.  It will be amazing to help her come back to church and feel the love of the members here.  
We had a great time with a member this week as well.  Their little down syndrome boy started walking this week and they are really excited. He is super cute and we play with him all the time.  It was really cool to connect with them as well and talk about Megan and Katie a little bit.  They are such an awesome family.  
This week has been awesome.  Things are going so well.  I love you all and know that the Gospel is true!!  Keep God in your thoughts and you will see his hand in your life every day!!!  Love you!!
Sister Poll

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