Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That is so awesome about that guy you talked with.  It is really amazing how people find the gospel.  I really have heard so many great stories while being here since most of the members are converts.  And it really is amazing how God prepares his children.  And really it shows how true this gospel really is.  People accept the gospel all over the world.  When we heard from Bednar he said that if people all over the world can accept the book of mormon and the gospel, how can it not be true?  If it were something made up by a man, people would have found out by now and people all over the world wouldn't be accepting the gospel.  It really is so true.  The gospel brings a light into peoples lives that you can't find anywhere else.  It helps you to become a better person and to come closer to our Heavenly Father.  It is a great blessing that we have and we should be sharing it with others so that they can also enjoy this great blessing. I would encourage you to all share your testimony with someone this week that is either less active or isn't a member.  It doesn't have to be some big thing, just tell them about how your weekend was amazing because you got to go to church.  There is your weekly challenge.  It will make a big difference.  :) 
This past week was really great.  We had transfer calls on Saturday.  Drum roll!!!  Sister G and I are staying together.  It will be great!!!  She will soon be done training, although she really is already a trained and set to go missionary.  She is awesome and is teaching me way more than I am teaching her.  I am so truly lucky to be with her and learning from her. We are both just learning together cuz if we are honest we never fully understand everything around us and never fully understand the gospel.  :) It's always really great to try to see it from someone elses perspective.  (Next transfer is only 5 weeks long)
This last week was really great.  I was in Vienna again for exchanges and I was with my favorite Australian!!!  We were tearing it up there. We had a great lesson and just read out of the book of Mormon together and really talked about what it meant.  It was really nice. And I got to try some Indian rice.  :) super good.  But I had just eaten a ton of schnitzel earlier so I was stuffed...  But we had a great time.  Then the next day we went to another wonderful person.  She is the niece of one of our members in Graz.  So I know her really well.  She is amazing and it was so good to see her.  She fed us some great tofu enchiladas, not too bad actually.  :)  And then we did some great contacting and talking with people.  I had this amazing thought this week as I was talking with someone on the train in German.  I know that my German is far from perfect, but I just couldn't help but realize how amazing God is.  He qualifies those that he calls and helps them to do his work.  I am speaking German in only 9 months and really helping people understand our Heavenly Father.  It is amazing. I really and absolutely love it.  And I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.  
Then I came back to Graz and we had some great finding time this weekend.  We had really no appointments, but we talked with a lot of great people.  We are doing great work here and I am so excited about it.  Sunday has become my most favorite day of the week.  There is just something special when we all come together to think of God and worship Him.  And then we are able to take the sacrament and use the Atonement that God has given us.  It really is my most favorite day of the week I think.  And then it is really funny cuz here after church is a social event as well.  We stay after church for at least 30-45 minutes talking with members and it is great cuz we can set up appointments as well.  But at home we were always rushing out of church where here the members all mingle and chat for a bit.  It is in part because they live so far away from each other.  But I am growing to really love the time to talk with each other.  I have really grown close to the members from it.  Other than that this week was pretty great.  It had its ups and downs, but so does every other week.  Just like Blake said, sometimes I don't love the day until we are eating dinner, but I always love it.  :)  
I love you all and thank you for all your support.  We have a great investigator that is really progressing and we are working hard here.  I will be honest and say that this last week has been a bit of  a hard one, and I would appreciate your prayers. But know that we are working hard and giving our best.  We really are doing the Lord's work. And we do it because we have such big testimonies on how it can bless the lives of others. I love you and think of you often!!! 
Love Sister Poll

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