Friday, December 18, 2015

  It's been a Whirlwind

So this week has just been a whirlwind.  The time just passes by so fast that I can't believe it.  I just don't know if I can even explain all that happened this week.  We were so busy and so full.  I think I gained probably 10 pounds.  Last Monday all we bought for our weekly groceries was cereal and some bananas.  And apples.  That was it.  We had eating appointments every day.  Everyone wanted to say goodbye to Sister Cook.  We even had some people who were fighting for us to come over.  So crazy and funny.  It was so nice to go and say goodbye to some people.  And I didn't have to say goodbye.  Made it even better.
But Seriously I am so full.  I don't even need to eat much.  And everyone keeps giving us chocolate.  I love it, but I hate it.  So crazy.  
We had a really awesome experience with this woman that we doored into the other day.  We went back by and she let us in and we ended up talking for about an hour.  She told us all about the bad things that have happened in her life and after she had told us things she just kept asking why bad things happen to good people or to children.  We talked with her and she told us that she never talks to people about these things.  She then told us that she feels like a weight is being lifted from her heart and she just felt light and happier.  She just felt like we made her day so much better and that we had this light about us.  She wants us to come back so she can feel that way again.  So I called her this morning and she told me that she has been thinking about us and every time she does she feels good.  And she put our card on her fridge and her kids asked about it and she told them that she just feels so much better and more free.  And she and her kids are still a little skeptical, but she really wants to see us again.  She said that she thinks if we meet again she will feel better and happier.  THAT'S RIGHT YOU WILL!!  The gospel makes everyone happy.  It was such a cool experience!!  I am so excited to go back again.  Really you have no idea how excited I am about her.  She is really weary about the Book of Mormon, but wants to talk with us.  I am so glad.  She is amazing. 
We also saw so many other miracles this week.  Some with Sister Cook and Some with my new comp.
So then on Thursday I got my new comp and her name is ..... Sister Puckett.  She is from California and her German is already really good for just coming from the MTC.  She is so excited to do missionary work and is just amazing. We get along really well and I can tell that we will be good friends.  We have had a really crazy last couple of days.  We have had eating appointments and on Sunday we had the Christmas devotional as well as a Christmas concert in our stake.
It has been such a good week.  I am really excited for this next one as well.  It will be so busy and the time just flies.  We have something big every week until the transfers ends. I just don't know how I am going to keep up with it all.  Crazy to think that when we got here we had nothing to do.  Now we don't have enough time to do it all.  I love being busy.  
I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I love you all.  We are going to a wonderful family tonight to decorate a Christmas tree for family home evening.  It will be a blast.  Have a great week!!!!
Sister Poll

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