Monday, January 12, 2015

 It's transfer week...I'm going to Austria!!!

So.....  This week is full of surprises. We had a ton of finding this week.  Honestly it was really hard and we were struggling to stay motivated a bit.  One can only handle rejection for so long.  But, we made it happen.  We actually didn't find any new people, but we met with the youth that I told you about and had a rocket lesson.  It was amazing.  The spirit was super strong and awesome and they promised to read and let us come back again.  It was amazing.  Other than that it was full of finding and being rejected, but it was also really fun. 

So.  The big news of the week.  TRANSFERS!!  Some sad news and good news.  My area is being closed. So now there will only be Elders in Passau.  So this week we have been busy getting everything in order to close the apartment and also giving all of our investigators (the few we have) to the Elders.  We had a meeting with them yesterday and we gave them all our books and info and records on everyone. It was sad, but honestly really good.  We both talked about it this week and how maybe Passau needs a break.  There isn't quite enough work for 4 missionaries right now. And after this last week when it was really hard for us, I was wondering what we were going to do next transfer.  Cuz the elders have the same problem that we do.  And we go out and work hard and we both come up empty.  So I think it is good, even though it is really sad.  So I bet you are wondering then were I am headed. This is the good news.  I am no longer going to be in Germany.  I am headed to Austria!!!!  I will be serving in Graz. I am super stoked about it.  The Branch here is sad that we are leaving and they asked if maybe next transfer when we have more sisters if it will open up again, but I have no idea. It is possible.  We will have to see.  I hope so, cuz the branch needs the strength that missionaries bring, but also Passau is hard right now.  I am excited to go back to a ward, but I am going to miss the members here a ton.  Other than that nothing too excited this week.  We are just going to pack today and also try and make it to the Dome in Passau (a really big church with the biggest church organ in the world) before we go.    Love you all tons. 
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I forgot to tell you the other news that we got this week.  I thought I was forgetting something. So we got news this week that we aren't using our German enough, so now all our distrkt meetings will be in German, and maybe also our zone meetings.  They are trying to decide about the zone.  And they also made this new rule that we need to speak German 9am-9pm.  Before most of us would speak German outside, and English when we were home.  But now that is not an option.  It is actually going to be really good I think.  To be honest, we were more silent for the first few days, but now we are doing OK. Sometimes we have no idea what the other person is saying and we need to clarify in English, but for the most part we do OK.  And actually I am super excited for this new rule.  It is going to be a little more difficult at first, but at the same time it will really help the mission. And also the missionaries to better our German. I am stoked!

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