Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am so glad that things are going well around the farm.  I really miss being there and helping out.  You have no idea.  I had a dream this week about a cow giving birth and it had 2 extra legs.  Dad called it a raptor calf. It was really really weird. Just goes to show how the mission changes a person.  haha.  I really do miss it though.  I see a person with a dog here and I just want to ask if I can do something for him.  And ask if he is healthy and what not.  But I refrain.  I really miss my job a ton.  So I know that is for sure what I am going to do when I get back.  It is amazing how much you appreciate something when it is gone.  Just like I appreciate all of you so much more now that I can't just call anytime.  I love you all a ton.
Stuttgart was interesting.  It was like a big carnival.  Hard to go there and be a missionary cuz we can't ride anything.  But it was cool to see the people all in liederhosen and drundel.  (the dresses that the girls wear).  Something else really funny happened actually.  We had an investigator with a baptism date in November, but she is kind of mentally handicapped as well, so we were going slow.  She is the one that is also meeting with the Jehovah Witness.  So my companion was talking with someone and we got a phone call.  I decided to be brave and answer.  And next thing I know someone is yelling at me in German and I have no idea why.  I just said I am so sorry my German is not good could you repeat that?  So then I got yelled at again.  Then I told her I still didn't understand and that my companion had really good German an would talk to her.  Then she hung up.  We called her back and it turns out she was the Jehovah witness teaching Marion and she told us that Marion never wants us to come back and visit again.  So then we called Marion and she said the same thing.  That her friend ( the Jehovah witness) told her that it wasn't a good idea and to please never come back.  So that was an interesting moment in the mission.  Phone conversations are so much harder than real people.  I can't read expressions when I am on the phone.
We had zone conference this week and it was amazing.  We went to Munich and President Kohler taught us.  It was so nice to see them again and we talked about our goal of one baptism in every ward before the end of the year.  I am really excited.  This week a woman on the bus stopped the elders and told them that she was a member from Nigeria and she wanted to come to church.  Since she is a woman the elders just had us go and visit her.  Turns out she is not a member but really wants to be baptized.  Her sister in a member in Nigeria and she went to church a few times with them there.  We are going to get a date set for her soon.  Turns out she hasn't ever had any discussions, but we will fix that problem.  :)  She is amazing.  She also has this cute little 2 month old black baby.  I am so tempted to break the mission rule and hold him.  It is so hard not to hold kids.

Earlier this week I had gotten a letter from Danielle and she was telling me a little more about her companion. I asked her what her companion does while she is writing letters home.

 So all of her family is Buddhist and so she is the only member.  She is from a really small town in Mongolia and her family doesn't have any email.  So she can't talk to them every week.  She was glad that they were able to work something out for Skype on mothers day.  And she sends them letters every week, but they don't write back.  She has been a little down about it for the past week and I feel bad cuz I don't know what to do.  But luckily there are members from her past areas that email her and her past companions do as well.  Then she watched Mormon messages.
Her brother met the missionaries on the street and they came to their house.  Her brother ended up not being interested but she was.  At first they were not supportive at all, but then they couldn't find anything bad about it and it made her happy so they are OK now.  But they weren't really sure about her going on a mission.  the ward is helping her pay for it.  So she is always saying that we need to do more so she feels like she is doing her part in what they are doing for her.  Which is super nice that she is so dedicated.  Although sometimes I wish we had a little more fun.  She is a little serious.  But I told her that this week and she has totally lightened up.  I just told her, that I wasn't really having fun and I needed us to not be so serious cuz it was killing my attitude.  So now we are like best friends and I love her so much more.  And we are so much better teaching together and I am happier.  So I am learning about the power of communication.
Well time to go. Love you tons
Sister Poll

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